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  • Benjiman W. Brown - ONLY THREE DESERVED

    I ordered and paid for a new unit. I received a used unit that was in very good condition. I have worked in a national parts store chain for more than 11 years so I know what a new part looks like. I returned it for a new one but the second one I received was a rebuilt one. It works very well so I dropped any further attempt to get a new unit as advertised. I give it five stars only because it works great.

  • cindy - simple to use- work well - more energy - no side effects - little to no taste

    These are really neat - I am a huge coffee lover and have pretty much become addicted to caffeine to go throughout the day but it is not always convenient to get a cup of coffee - If I could I would carry a pot with me every where I went - I tried cokes and such but I seem to only like them when they are super cold - the only item I have found that I can drink regardless of the temperature is water - but then I do not seem to get the energy I need - once I heard of these I was excited to try them - they are perfect - they are so easy to use - you peel a label back and stir away - the powder dissolves and does not have much of a flavor - so you can mix it in plain water or flavored water- the energy pick me up is noticeable after a bit - it sort of is just there - you feel like you are not tired and just feel better- there are no side effects that I have noticed besides feeling more energetic - I love the ease of carrying these around - they are very easy to put in your purse- your car- your gym bag - and they sort of look cool to pull them out - I am very happy with these - I was able to purchase these at a discounted rate in exchange for an honest unbiased review - high five

  • Kellie J. Burk - Hate it

    I tried this as an upgrade from my Roxio pro and completely don't like it. It never does 720x1280 when you burn it on a DVD. I have a Sony HD 46in 3D tv and its just centers the video in the middle of the tv, which I hate unless a blu-ray does not have widescreen capability like the Star Trek: TNG or ST:Voyger (not recorded in HD). Stick to Roxio Pro for me.

  • Lorraine LaChapelle - Confused!

    I wrote that is was only okay because there is no space to bring balance forward as in other registers I have bought in the past. The Balance should be muted so you can easily see your figures. That is my only suggestion.

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