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Country:, North America, US

City: -87.6441 Illinois, United States

  • Lynne W. Thomas - Now I know fun facts behind the scenes.

    The facts are well researched and presented well. I liked the backstory behind many of the headlines sort of like The rest of the Story radio show.

  • dave - Another great Christmas star for your tree

    Another great Christmas star for our tree. We've been collecting these for about 20 years and they never disappoint.

  • IronP - Best clipper set ever invented!

    I have been using these for almost 10 years now, and no other set is more balanced. It gives a close cut without the irritation that comes with other sets. Great for lining up beards, mustaches, and anything else.

  • Honest Reviewer - Calms at night, but not for my daily anxiety

    For chronic anxiety sufferers, this product may not work for you. Anxiety disorders have to be properly treated with therapy, to dig to the root of the cause of your anxiety. For someone who may get anxiety once in a while, like a trip driving into the city, or for a nervewracking job interview, this will calm you and put your breathing at ease. I have anxiety on a daily basis, and normally take prescription medication so I was hoping to find a healthier alternative, but this did not really help with my shortness of breath, racing thoughts, and paranoia (I have severe anxiety).

  • Cassy Valadez - I love that you can take these with you as you ...

    I love that you can take these with you as you go! I packed a stick in my backpack and just added it to water when I needed an energy boost. There are 6 sticks in 1 package so the price you pay is well worth it. I personally did not taste a bitter or sour taste. The stick didn't really add a taste at all. Definitely did give me the energy boost I needed during my 8am class. I do not drink coffee, sodas, or products like monster or red bull. I appreciate​ that this is natural and a good energy boost.

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