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  • b can - Overall this stroller is fine. Its not too big but it isnt too ...

    Overall this stroller is fine. Its not too big but it isnt too small either. A diaper bag can even fit in the basket too. However, the only thing that i didn't like is the material that the handle bar is made of.

  • SHEILA BEARD - AMAZING self tan lotion

    A friend gave me her bottle last summer because it broke her out (only because she has extra sensitive skin). I am very light skin tone and burn easily. 15 minutes in the sun and I am cooked. I like to have tanned legs just like her but tanning beds are out of the equation for me. I have tried the spray and other lotion and nothing worked or it turned me orange. This stuff is amazing!!!!! I apply it after I shave my legs and before I go to bed, I have a pretty tan. The tan will last me about a week before it starts fading off. That is even with me shaving every 3 days (I'm older so my hair doesn't grow fast, for those thinking like I used to. Where you were to shave daily). My daughter has the same problem as me and it works for her too. I will never use anything else to tan my legs. I would recommend this product to all my friends that don't have extra sensitive skin. This is truly a miracle product for my legs.

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