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  • Shiningstar - AWFUL

    This stuff is awful.... Our floors looked terrible - I think you could get away with if you don't have a lot of light or you dont' wear your glasses but if you can see -then ALL you see are streaks. Seriously Tossed the rest of the bottle... Dripped a tiny amount on a small table and I had an awful time trying to remove it... You could see two glossy spots that would not scrub off. Finally when they did you still see two circle marks... UG - What a mess. I would not let them pay me for putting this on my floors. Do your floors a favor and find something else.

  • Amazon Customer - Customer service stinks for price. Buy a Pria

    I really wanted to love this seat. The seat is okay. The strap pads that orginally came with the seat were too short and the straps dug into my son. I called Clek in Fall' 15 and was told they were coming out with larger ones and was put on a waiting list for them to ship. When I still didn't have them in June, I called again. No record of my call and I was asked to pay for the longer pads. I compare this with Uppababy who sent replacement pads on our Mesa for free because I wanted clean pads after a year of use. Maxi Cosi also has had excellent customer service. It's a no brainer. Seat is just okay. The seat was hard to clean after my son got sick in it. Customer service stinks compared to other high end car seats. If I had to do it again, I'd buy another Pria. My son seems more comfortable in it anyway. I won't use Clek again.

  • Steve H - Laser Fantasy

    This laser star projector is really built well and is easy to use. The projector comes in a great box that I will be using for storing it when I'm done. It projects tons of green and red stars that can be held steady or flashed on and off. It comes with a remote control that allows you to select: solid green, solid red, solid green and red, flashing green, flashing red, flashing red and green. The red and green flashing seem independent from each other so it looks sort of random when they are both flashing. The rate of flashing can be controlled on the remote: slower and faster. One of the greatest features on the projector is the pre-programmed shut off timers. The user can select 2 hrs, 4 hrs, or 6 hrs of operation before the projector shuts off. This is an important feature because most of the laser star projectors that I've seen have a maximum time they can be operated before they should be shut down to allow for cooling to not reduce the life of the lasers. This star projector does exactly what it claims and looks great doing it. I bought this off season so I'm totally looking forward to using his very bright laser projector during the holidays this year. I received a discount on this item for my honest review.

  • amazonic - Very gentle for kid's skin

    This is my kid's favorite shampoo, and mine, too. I like that it is gentle and doesn't have a strong scent. One day, my kid fancied a strong fragrant shampoo Daddy used and tried it. She regretted the next day as her body was itching all over. Ever since then, she sticks with this shampoo no matter what.

  • Customer - Recommend

    This is great eye cream. It's anti-wrinkle ultimate eye cream that gives elasticity and vitality to the sagging and dull eye rims. It has components of peptide, collagen and ceramide to strengthen areas of the eye. It is antioxidant, anti aging. When you apply it, it makes skin smoth and feels great. It absorb immediately, little goes long way. I would recommend this cream.

  • Alexander Nabars - If you don't eyeball evenness well, it will do the trick

    It meets expectations. It is an incredibly simple tool that does a simple job, but necessary for those of us who aren't great at eyeballing symmetry. Be aware you will need to hold this item still with one of your hands while shaving with the other. This is idea for beard trimmers and electric razors, but if you use a straight razor and any type of shaving cream or gel, expect to wish you had a third hand. This item comes in a nice little gift box if you would like to give it as a gift. There are no instructions but it is quite obvious how to hold it up to your face to get things nice and even. This item is flat so you can throw it in your bathroom drawer without taking up a bunch of space - that is a plus. I received this product free in exchange for my honest review. If you are in need of shaving assistance, this product will meet the need. It is what it is.

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