EUROJURIS International | The leading network of European Law firms / Lawyers / Attorneys - As a client of an EUROJURIS law firm, you will have access to a worldwide legal network, where your lawyer can either contact the appropriate lawyer abroad on your behalf, or provide you with the details about the legal practitioners you need to contact.

  • About us | EUROJURIS International - Our objective is to provide companies, corporations, public authorities and private clients with direct legal advice and local representation worldwide.
  • Membership | EUROJURIS International - Eurojuris International has been a leading network of independent law firms in Europe since 1992. With some 600 firms and about 5 000 lawyers, we cover 650 cities in about 50 countries worldwide. The main objective of Eurojuris International is to provide its member firms with a unique international legal network that meets the growing demands of clients.
  • Jurismus | EUROJURIS International - Jurismus International: Leading Network of young lawyers (Lawyers under 40) Jurismus is an international association of active young lawyers employed in one of the 650 Eurojuris law firms. 
  • Eurojuris Job Market project | EUROJURIS International - Have you ever complained about the poor response to your job add or experienced great difficulties in finding the right candidate for a new job opening?
  • Meet Cristina von Holzen - President of Eurojuris Switzerland | EUROJURIS International - Recently appointed President of our Swiss network, Cristina von Holzen has been thriving as a lawyer for the past 15 years.
  • Doing business in Israel - land of highly competitive lawyers | EUROJURIS International - Israel is a small country with a small economy, surrounded by hostile neighbours and facing constant geopolitical uncertainties...
  • Michael Proksch elected President of Eurojuris International | EUROJURIS International - Michael Proksch, Partner at Proksch & Partner (Vienna, Austria) was elected President of Eurojuris International last week at the Eurojuris International congress in Prague.
  • Eurojuris Deutschland Generalversammlung 2016 | EUROJURIS International - Sehr geehrte Kolleginnen und Kollegen, liebe Eurojuris-Mitglieder,   hiermit möchte ich Sie sehr herzlich im Namen des gesamten Vorstands sowie des Geschäftsstellenleiters Herrn Christian Veh zur diesjährigen Eurojuris-Generalversammlung einladen, die in der Zeit vom   28.10.2016 bis 29.10.2016 in Hamburg (Hotel Barcelo)   stattfindet.  
  • Limitation of liability for the seller | EUROJURIS International - Limitation of liability for the seller   A paper co-authored by the members of the EUROJURIS INTERNATIONAL CONTRACTS & LITIGATION Group September 2016
  • What you missed in Hull… | EUROJURIS International - JURISMUS Annual Meeting 2016 Have you ever wondered what JURISMUS, the network of young Eurojuris lawyers (under 40) is all about? Simply come and join us! Here is what you missed at our last annual meeting held in Kingston-upon-Hull, aka Hull, England from 16 to 18 June 2016.
  • Hardship clauses in international business contracts | EUROJURIS International - HARDSHIP PROVISIONS & HARDSHIP CLAUSES IN INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS CONTRACTS A paper co-authored by the members of the  EUROJURIS INTERNATIONAL CONTRACTS & LITIGATION Group July 2016  

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    City: 4.35 , Belgium

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