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Febuxostat,Nafcillin Sodium,Pramiracetam,Huperzine A, Trans-Resveratrol,Puerarin. Trilostane,Apple Polyphenols, Apafant - Shanghai DND Pharm-Technology Co., Inc - DND Pharm consists of five companies, Shanghai DND Pharm-Technology Co.,Inc. Zhejiang DND Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. Sichuan DND Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd. DND Chemical Co.,Ltd DND Pharmacy.

  • http://dndpharm.en.ecplaza.net/pharmaceutical-intermediates--149933-G18756.html Pharmaceutical Intermediates - Shanghai DND Pharm-Technology Co., Inc - Shanghai DND Pharm,with two GMP audited factories, provide R-Lansoprazole/Tovaptan/pterostilbene/Dabigatrans intermediates etc and relevant APIs & Pharmaceutical Intermediates.
  • http://dndpharm.en.ecplaza.net/ticagrelor--149933-2993633.html Ticagrelor - Shanghai DND Pharm-Technology Co., Inc - CAS No.: 274693-27-5; Molecular Formula: C23H28F2N6O4S; Molecular Weight: 522.568; Spec: 99.0%(HPLC); Appearance: White powder; Usage: Used for ACS( acute coronary syndrome)
  • http://dndpharm.en.ecplaza.net/5-chloro-2-nitrobenzoic-acid--149933-2651271.html 5-Chloro-2-nitrobenzoic acid - Shanghai DND Pharm-Technology Co., Inc - Product name: 5-Chloro-2-nitrobenzoic acid CAS No: 2516-95-2 Spec.: 98%(HPLC) Molecular Formula:C7H4ClNO4 Molecular Weight:201.57
  • http://dndpharm.en.ecplaza.net/isosorbide-mononitrate-injection--149933-2594367.html Isosorbide Mononitrate Injection - Shanghai DND Pharm-Technology Co., Inc - Item: Isosorbide Mononitrate Injection Properties: This product is Clear colorless fluid. Indications: It's used for angina pectoris, combined with digitalis and(or) diuretics to cure chronic heart failure. Specification: 5ml: 20mg Dosage and usage: Intravenous drip. Dilute with 0.9% sodium ...
  • http://dndpharm.en.ecplaza.net/buflomedil-hcl-injection--149933-2594314.html Buflomedil HCl Injection - Shanghai DND Pharm-Technology Co., Inc - 1, peripheral vascular disease: intermittent claudication, Renault syndrome, Burger syndrome, vascular spasm. 2, caused by chronic cerebral vascular insufficiency symptoms: vertigo, tinnitus, mental deterioration, memory loss or inability to concentrate, disorientation, and so on. Dosage Slow ...
  • http://dndpharm.en.ecplaza.net/aniracetam-capsules--149933-2594243.html Aniracetam Capsules - Shanghai DND Pharm-Technology Co., Inc - Aniracetam is closely related to piracetam, however its effects are a great deal stronger at smaller doses. It also exhibits virtually no side-effects due to its low toxicity levels. Aniracetam's primary functions include powerful anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties, increased alertness and ...
  • http://dndpharm.en.ecplaza.net/omeprazole-enteric-coated-capsules--149933-2594213.html Omeprazole Enteric-coated Capsules - Shanghai DND Pharm-Technology Co., Inc - 〖Drug Name〗Omeprazole Enteric-Coated Capsules 〖Product Presentations〗 〖Key Components〗 Packing Specifications : 20mg×28grains/ bottle 360bottles/ case/ carton Indications: Apply to stomach ulcer、duodenal ulcer、stress ulcer, reflux esophagitis ...
  • http://dndpharm.en.ecplaza.net/tacrolimus-104987-11-3--149933-2578924.html Tacrolimus 104987-11-3 - Shanghai DND Pharm-Technology Co., Inc - Tacrolimus CAS: 104987-11-3 Molecular Weight: 804.02 Density: 1.19 g/ cm3 Melting Point: 113-115 °C Boiling Point: 871.7 °C at 760 mmHg Flash Point: 481 °C Solubility: DMSO: >3 mg/ mL Appearance: White or off-white crystalline powder
  • http://dndpharm.en.ecplaza.net/piroxicam-capsules--149933-2576838.html Piroxicam Capsules - Shanghai DND Pharm-Technology Co., Inc - Indicated for the treatment of painful inflamatory conditions i.e. Arthritis, Primary Dysmenorrhoea, Acute Gout, Low back pain etc

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  • Chasity Bradley - Cheaply made!

    Made very cheaply.. even for a ouija board that has for years been made like a regular board game... cheap non the less... but this is a new standard of cheaply made... I have one made in the 70s-80s and even though it just made of regular game board material it still made way better than this one... Even with the cheap thin plastic planchette from then is better than the "light up" battery operated heavy version now... Planchette doesn't slide well either... Plus there were air bubbles all over the board insults... This wasn't worth the $14.00 I paid... I sure wouldn't pay the $20.00 every other place sales it for. The only reason it even gets two stars is for the design that is on the board which looks nice. Very disappointed in this purchase and the child that received it was excited till we started seeing how poorly it was made!

  • W. Lightfoot - Electric Stimulation...Novel Idea For Pain Relief

    Came across this product a few months ago and decided to give it a try. Seemed interesting and now I can honestly say that electric stimulation for pain relief is a novel idea that actually has some merit. This has worked for my feet, legs, arms, and even my back (but to a lesser extent. It also works quite well, with most pain issues being resolved nearly instantly. I would strongly recommend this.

  • Brahmin - A bit disappointed because Bosley is suppose to be in the hair ...

    Well, sadly I expected a lot from this product. Chucks of hair gets all matted and falls off. A bit disappointed because Bosley is suppose to be in the hair business for thinning hair.

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