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  • alicia spadaccino - Too bulky

    The company claims that it tucks neatly against the toilet when not in use but it is actually in the way. My husband and son have a hard time placing their feet when standing to urinate. The squatty potty almost forces them to either stand too far away from the toilet or to stand with their feet together which is uncomfortable. I am trying to return it but haven't heard back yet.

  • Susan - Energy=yes, fat-loss=eh, sleep=forget about

    I really like the energy I get from these. These definitely don't help with weight-loss if you don't follow a strict diet and workout plan. Only true downside to this pill is that I know I either won't be sleeping that night or have a lousy night of sleep. Main reason I take them these days is for the lasting energy that is much needed some days!

  • LeeLee - Great duo along with XTZ

    I got this for my boyfriend along with the XTZ product also made by BASE because he wants so badly to have the energy to work out, but after working almost 14 hour days (he's a tanker driver) he is usually too exhausted to go to the gym after work and even on the weekends he is just exhausted. He now has the energy to go to the gym or just get through his day sans a nap. It takes him a little longer to fall asleep when he goes to bed, due to the stimulant in the XTZ - but nothing drastic. He is still able to get a decent night's sleep. After almost 2 weeks of use, he is down 5 lbs.

  • jp wolfe jr - Does not work, I used this yesterday, drank ...

    Does not work, I used this yesterday, drank nothing but water and juice for the last 2 days still failing the at home 3 panel.

  • gene - Great. But a few flaws

    so there are alot of things i can say about the steam machine and im sorry if this post goes on forever but playing games like warthunder on max settings at 60fps bioshock infinite on high at 60fps shadow of mordor on high at 30fps racing simulators on high at 30-60 fps i have to say that this is one amazing little piece of hardware . theres almost no fan noise . no louder then the early model ps4 which can easily be drowned out with the game volume and there being great thermal performance . (stays decently cool no thermal throttling or whatnot ) how could you go wrong ? well there are a few ways . the os is not polished. its very buggy and still lacks alot of games . sometimes games wont quit so you will have to restart the system and that may end up bugging the leds and changing them back to the stock color (although not a big deal to change them back still bothers me) there are tons of games that would be amzaing on this system and i know that steam machines only launched late last year but there are still huge triple A titles missing. i would love to play COD on this thing . some times games arent completely optimized and are buggy or glichty (not the os fault but the ports being brought over to linux/steam os ) i find that often there is a lack of profiles for the controller and this console only works with the 360 and steam controller so that is a slight issue although remedied by being able to map controllers but i dont have a year to make a mapping for each game and games dont download when turning off the system it sometimes even resets downloads like you never even started them (so leave the console on) and the controller . it seems to have stopped but for a while every time i used the steam controller i would get the same notification that it was having trouble connecting even when it was working fine . so the os still needs to be ironed out even tho they are doing a good job of keeping it updated and supported . the reason i call it a console is cause thats what it is . or what its trying to be . and to be honest its doing a great job . i replaced my xbox one and ps4 with this because i never used them and i have to say in the few days ive had this steam machine its seen more use then both consoles have seen in the 2 years i had them . and to be honest im planning on useing it for along time until the eventual upgrade when newer and harder to run triple A games come to steam os like valve has been promising . ide also love to see games from other companys come to steam os . like maby if origin could work with valve to get battlefront on here (i know it probably wont happen but i can dream) one last complaint i have was i called alienware to try and fix a problem i was having with the "controller is having trouble connecting" issue and they told me they could not help me and i had to go thru valve -_- so obviously its a good thing i bought a warrenty thru gamestop cause dell and alienware are of no help if this thing ever does decide to explode . but as a now complete pc gamer this pc will never be leaving my family of pcs because it is a great little system that is always being improved upon and will only get better. especially if you have a more powerful pc this will be its "best friend"

  • Amazon Customer - Boooh no good

    I was going to get it but after reading the comments I'm glad I didn't and I never bought it before because a lot of the loyal customers now can't even go to their old program. I guess I'll stick to the one I got or get something for a good price that does almost the same thing. Until they figure something out better I won't get this software not even try it.

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