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  • Richard J. Klick - which I absolutely love.

    I only had this sewing machine for a few months when it was knocked 'Out of Timing' . I took it to a repair shop and was told there is a 'Design Flaw' in these machines. Was also told it could be repaired but it would keep being knocked 'Out of Timing' due to the 'Design Flaw'.

  • alou - Incredible piece of work always been a fan of J ...

    Incredible piece of work always been a fan of J.Cole. He's been consistent and knows exactly what he is doing and where he is going with his career.

  • Alex - What a waste :(

    I'm a big guy weight 295 lb, waist 53.5". I saw the infomercial and decided to give it a try. I chose option number 2 - no change to the lifestyle. I already eat pretty healthy but extra weight just wouldn't come off.

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