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City of Edgewood, KY - Welcome Welcome to the City of Edgewood website where our branding phrase is "Where every day is a walk in the park". We have two large parks, Presidents Park

  • http://edgewoodky.gov/administration/ Administration | City of Edgewood -   Welcome to the Administration Department. The department consists of the City Administrator, City Clerk, Deputy Clerk and Treasurer. We are
  • http://edgewoodky.gov/administration/city-budget/ City Budget and Audit | City of Edgewood - "The City of Edgewood is committed to Financial Transparency" Click here for the City Budget ___________________________________ Audit 2014 - 2015
  • http://edgewoodky.gov/administration/council-minutes/ Council Minutes | City of Edgewood - 2016 Minutes January 4th January 18th February 1st March 21st - Hearing March 21st April 4th April 18th May 2nd May 16th June
  • http://edgewoodky.gov/administration/forms/ Administration and Misc. Forms | City of Edgewood -   Business License Application Click here for the Business License Application This application for an occupational license is to be completed by all
  • http://edgewoodky.gov/administration/garbage/ Garbage / Recycling | City of Edgewood - Edgewood Residents     Thanks for recycling with... For more information on the Rumpke recycling program, click here.    
  • http://edgewoodky.gov/administration/social-club/ Golden Age Social Club | City of Edgewood - The Golden Age Social Club is a social group of senior’s age 50 and older. Membership is limited to 220 people. Membership for citizens of Edgewood, Crestview
  • http://edgewoodky.gov/administration/good-neighbor-guidelines/ Good Neighbor Guidelines | City of Edgewood -   International Property Maintenance Code - Adopted by the City of Edgewood in 2010 Blight, Weeds, Nuisances - Tall weeds/grass and accumulated
  • http://edgewoodky.gov/general-services/ General Services | City of Edgewood - The General Services Division is a multi-task department divided into two segments; Properties and Parks. General Services Director Robert Begnoche is a
  • http://edgewoodky.gov/parksrecreation/ Parks / Recreation | City of Edgewood - Welcome to the City of Edgewood Recreation Department.   The City of Edgewood Recreation Department consists of one full-time Director and a
  • http://edgewoodky.gov/parksrecreation/4th-of-july-events-2/ 4th of July Events | City of Edgewood - EDGEWOOD’S 4TH OF JULY EXTRAVAGANZA MONDAY, JULY 4, 2016 5k RACE The 39th Annual City of Edgewood Independence Day 5K Race will begin at Presidents
  • http://edgewoodky.gov/parksrecreation/parks/ Freedom Park | City of Edgewood - Freedom Park is a ten-acre park located at 550 Freedom Park Drive. Freedom Park Brochure Directions Amenities include: Two sand volleyball
  • http://edgewoodky.gov/parksrecreation/presidents-park/ Presidents Park | City of Edgewood - Presidents Park Expansion In February 2016, the City of Edgewood purchased 6.6 acres of land adjacent to Presidents Park located in the rear of the park to the
  • http://edgewoodky.gov/parksrecreation/grady-pocket-park/ Grady Pocket Park | City of Edgewood - The Park was completed and dedicated on June 3, 2007, in memory of William Grady, a former council member, who served the City of Edgewood - 1994 to 2006
  • http://edgewoodky.gov/parksrecreation/forms/ Parks/Recreation Forms | City of Edgewood - 2016 January - June Events ______________________________ Field Request Form 2016 Summer Tennis Clinic 2016 Softball Rules 2016 Softball Registration Form
  • http://edgewoodky.gov/parksrecreation/leagues/ Leagues | City of Edgewood - Adult League Schedules 2016 Schedules Sand Volleyball League Court 1 Sand Volleyball League Court 2 Men's Wednesday League
  • http://edgewoodky.gov/parksrecreation/senior-center/ Senior Center | City of Edgewood - The Edgewood Senior Center is located at 550 Freedom Park Drive, in Freedom Park. The Senior Center is home to the Golden Age Social Club. If you are interested
  • http://edgewoodky.gov/police/ Police | City of Edgewood -   The Edgewood Police Department is on duty 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. There are fourteen police officers, all certified as Kentucky Law
  • http://edgewoodky.gov/police/visionmission/ Vision / Mission | City of Edgewood - Vision Edgewood police officers all agree - we want to provide the best possible police service to our residents. In that end, the EPD will strive to be
  • http://edgewoodky.gov/police/crime-information/ Crime Information | City of Edgewood - To view reported crimes in Edgewood - Click on the Link Below Once the page opens - Select Date and Type of Crime from the Selections on the left of the
  • http://edgewoodky.gov/police/speed-survey/ Speed Surveys | City of Edgewood - 9.9.15 Turkeyfoot @ Barnwood 9.30.15 Stoneridge 10.14.15 Marie 10.21.15 Garden Way
  • http://edgewoodky.gov/police/faq/ FAQ | City of Edgewood - How do I contact an Edgewood Police Officer? There are three phone numbers residents can call to get in touch with our department: 9-1-1 This is to be used
  • http://edgewoodky.gov/police/forms/ Police Forms | City of Edgewood -   Background Check Form Civilian Complaint Form Civilian Accident Report Form Employment Application Vacation House Check Form  
  • http://edgewoodky.gov/police/police-links/ Police Links | City of Edgewood - Children Related National Center for Missing and Exploited Children DARE McGruff the Crime Dog   Police Related Officer Down Memorial
  • http://edgewoodky.gov/police/services/ Services | City of Edgewood - VARDA Alarms For those who have special security needs, the Department has in inventory 10 portable alarm systems that can be installed. When activated,
  • http://edgewoodky.gov/police/victims-of-crime/ Victims of Crime | City of Edgewood - ID Theft   View the 8 Vital Steps to take if your identity is stolen Document

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