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Zamenis LTD - Group of Business Advisors - Zamenis LTD - ZAMENIS provides extended services in management, advisory and mediation in various fields of activities. ZAMENIS extended network provide a great benefit to our customers interested to start doing business in countries where nothing has more value then the optimal local setup and network.

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  • Kenwing - The best way to use this is to scrape/drag it over ...

    This is a really effective tool. My face is always covered in white heads/black heads that I never could get rid of. The first time I used this, I removed almost every little embedded white head/black head from my forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Trust me, there was a lot that I visibly saw being extracted by this tool.

  • James E Healy - Don't Expect Visio Pro 2010 to Help You Build Software

    I used previous versions of Visio Pro to build ER diagrams and create databases. It was a good tool. However, the 2010 version abandons any attempt to be useful in actual software development. You cannot generate databases from this product, as you can for others. If you just want flowcharts, stick with the standard version. If you want this for other functions, read other reviews. But if you want to use Visio as part of serious software development, do yourself a favor and don't try. Use Erwin instead.

  • Matt - AMAZING!!

    I have been taking the MasterBrain for about a week now and I love it! Being a college student I figured I'd give this a try to get any type of mental edge I can get. As a nursing student I get up at around 4:30am somedays or I have to work night shift 7:00pm to 7:00am. This schedule can get pretty crazy, which can lead to my brain being drained. Since taking MasterBrain I have noticed that I have been much more alert during class and throughout the day. I am also getting better sleep at night. I am not waking up in the morning exhausted nor do I have difficulty waking up in the morning. This is something that I think can really help people in their daily life and you don't need to be into fitness for this product to be effective for you

  • Orion - Works slowly

    I used this months ago, about $100 worth. I was taking 12 a day. It took 2 weeks to start feeling significantly better, even at that extreme dosage. It works very slowly.

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