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  • Tran Ly - I love this mouse!

    It has great precision. I can use it on my bed, lap or table. Its a smooth transition, clicker is so quiet you can't really hear it. I love the fact that I don't have to replace batteries for it, it comes with a charger and the design is really slim and nice. It fits into any of my book bags or laptop cases. I would buy this again and again.

  • DEEP AGARWAL - Excellent

    Easy to understand by my 4 year old son... love it.... he can read it now.. he love reading books..

  • W. Wang - works better than other products

    I started noticing significant amount of hair falling out while I was on birth control. With so many products on the market promising to produce dramatic results, I decided to stick with the brand I could trust, which is Rogaine. At first I was skeptical and did not see new hair growing. But after about 3-4 weeks, my hair loss had stopped, it was no longer handful when I brushed or shampooed. By the end of 2nd month, I noticed tiny baby hair on my scalp, my hair was growing back slowly, I definitely saw improvement. I've been using Rogaine for over a year now, I have seen moderate growth on my scalp. I'm pretty satisfied with the result, though the growth was not dramatic, but at least I know it works and it's not a scam. Just be patient and you'll notice a difference

  • Jennifer - stops my allergic dog's itching, sticky

    I have a Chihuahua with severe skin allergies, and this mousse is a huge help. When I rescued him he was mostly hairless with bloody sores and flaking skin all over. Vet dermatologist prescribed it. Along with thyroid medication and oral flea control (his skin couldn't handle topicals), vet-prescribed home cooked diet, and lots of love, he now has a thick coat of hair! He still gets itchy red feet sometimes if he accidentally walks on grass, and depending on the weather sometimes some of the itchy flakiness appears on his back, but a pump or two of this sticky mousse and he stops itching at it. The Douxo PS shampoo I didn't like very much, but I've repurchased this calming mousse.

  • Mary Hatch - love it, truly

    With the 31 pages of drawings of the anatomy in full-color, which is so helpful in learning coding, and with the thoughtful and thorough organization of this book, you can't go wrong with this one

  • sue benedict - Very very pleased

    My grandson is 13 and I thought he had outgrown lego Advent Calendars;sooooo, got the word he was missing it, ordered it late, and on Dec 24 was sent a photo of a very pleased young man and his Lego City spread out on the table before him! So glad I was able to send it; won't forget for next year!

  • William C. May - the only bad i can say is i wish the lumnes were ...

    the only bad i can say is i wish the lumnes were higher. otherwise a great buy once you get the actual movies.

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