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eolus - « Je suis comme une harpe éolienne, qui rend quelques beaux sons, mais qui n’exécute aucun air » (Joubert.)

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City: 2.3292 Paris, France

  • Andy - Hair grows right back (after a year of treatment or more) and element burns out quickly. Skip it.

    I spent 1 year doing treatments on one specific area, and the hair is still there. Hasn't changed a bit. The light eventually burned out, and since it doesn't work anyway, I never replaced it. "Works" only on dark hair--mines as dark as it gets folks.. I'm here to tell you, this does not last. Oh believe me it will burn you like it's working, and burn the hair, but it grows right back. Use a lighter instead if you want to fry your hair off, it's a lot cheaper.

  • sjmonty - Good Story

    This was a good story; it was fairly predictable, but I liked the characters. There were enough twists to keep it interesting. It was an easy, enjoyable read.

  • John - My wife doesn't have to chug wine anymore to avoid waste.

    My wife loves red wine. I don't. We're also poor. This means that when we open a bottle, she's had to do one of two things.

  • Nicholas E Aadland - Very dissapointed in the "Hard Cover"

    Although this item is advertised as a Hard Cover it comes spiral bound with plastic covers. Four stars for my satisfaction with content. I am disappointed that they can claim this is a hard cover book. I checked the publishers website (Wiley) and the same claim is made there. When you shell out good money for something you expect to get what you pay for.

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