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  • A. Baston - Works very, very well.- (However, Please see UPDATE of review)

    UPDATE: 6-27-10 - I still agree with everything I wrote below as far as what an outstanding product Wet & Forget is - HOWEVER, One must wear a mask when spraying this product - It will make you feel sick. if the winds blows up and you get a mouthful or even just light spraying and sucking down the vapors....A few hours after spraying, it'll zaps you of all energy, as well as light-headedness and rummy stomach aching, you'll feel like just lying in bed for a day or two - I would absolutely recommend a breathing mask of some type for any spaying with this product, even light spraying. Wet & Forget is a great product as I described below, but I had to deducted a star for the obvious toxicity that it fails to mention on the label.

  • L. Butcher - This old sleepless Ironworker is amazed! Better than drugs!!

    As a journeyman Ironworker who had to retire on disability from a work injury (a 35# slab fell and hit me on the top of the head, which has resulted in chronic neck, back, shoulder pain and 24/7 headaches), I now deal with insomnia which sometimes keeps me up till sunrise the next morning. I have to take pain killers 3 times a day and at bedtime, and I hate to take any type of sleeping pills because they make me feel groggy for half the next day. While visiting our daughter in Seattle a few weeks ago, she suggested that I try this at bedtime. She said she found it to really help her sleep. Also, she worked with a non-profit organization a few years ago that dealt explicitly with brain damage and head trauma type patients. She said this tea might help my inability to sleep, so I tried it. Man, does this stuff work! I still don't understand how, but now when I take my two melatonin (which, before the injury was all I ever needed to have a good, sound sleep without the drugged effect sleeping aids give), two ibuprophin and my pain pill, which is 10 mg of hydrocodone/325 mg acetaminophen, I also brew a cup of this. (I use a large coffee cup of water, microwave it for 2 minutes, then steep one new tea bag for 10 minutes). I sip it while I'm watching either an old silent movie on Netflix (don't ask me why, but they seem to help. I think it's the reading combined with a constant back up music, but who knows?) or maybe an episode of the original Star Trek series (not a trekkie, I just think it takes me back to happier times in my youth??), and before the episode is over, or 20-30 minutes into the flick, and I can't hold my eyes open. Without this tea, even if I read, which is a sure-bet sleep inducer for me late at night, I will feel so tired that I'm nodding off, but when I get in bed, within 5 minutes my eyes are wide open and I'm as awake as if I'd had my morning coffee and the sun was shining in the window. Not with this tea! I sleep like a baby 90% of the nights I use it (yes, there are still a few times it doesn't do the trick, but not many), and to prove the theory, when I ran out of the first box that I bought when I got home from Seattle, I was right back to my 4am or daylight fatigue induced sleep pattern. I wouldn't have believed it if I wouldn't have seen it for myself. I'm from Missouri, after all. And the funny thing is, it tastes like the gingerbread men cookies my wife makes around Christmas each year! I love the stuff. From a guy on disability retirement from a blow to the head that never had any trouble sleeping in my life before that injury, I'm just amazed that this tea works so well. I'd say it's a miracle. Thanks, Yogi.

  • gedgar - thanks intuit

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