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  • Antoinette - Magic in a tube for dry skin. Pure silk! I won't use anything else.

    I have been using this for my dry skin. I have tried SO many primers and all of them have made a patchy/flaky look to my skin. I don't even have that effect when I am not using makeup.

  • Erica - Nice and clear

    This is a nice high quality back seat mirror with a wide angle and convex design so that you can easily see your little precious one while on the road.

  • Alexis Lozano - Miracles in Bottles

    I spent so much money on cleansers and perscriptions that I just wanted a face transplant. I was hitting a serious late 20s hormonal influx that gave me terrible cystic acne. In combination of birth control to maintain my hormones and this regimen my skin is perfectly clear. Better than when I was using proactive. The peroxide is very drying but as long as you buy the jojoba oil in conjunction and use it mixed with the moisturizer this stuff is magical. It saved my self esteem. The website explains how acne works and why this product is so successful. I absolutely love I couldn't live without it. I buy this in bulk to keep it in stock. I never even get pimples anymore. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you use it the way it is instructed.

  • lynzylee - 5 Say Yes to Love Stars

    Kaz, I don't even know where to start with Kaz. A rocker, a lover, a protector, a fighter...all rolled up in one swoon worthy package.

  • openassure - It's a great book

    Ever heard the expression "don't judge a book by it's cover"? Well that certainly applies here. The reason to buy this book is because of what's inside and this book is packed with useful information.

  • C.F. Stewart - Reflection on Blue Lines - 10 Years Later

    Review: Perhaps the smoothest, most rythmic album extant. Hypnotic, controlled, patient...the deep beat gently rocks you; the vocalists sing to you, about you, with you. The timing is pure; the feel natural, organic.

  • PAPASTAG - Perfect for the bedside

    Verified as fast charging for my Galaxy Note 5. It charges through the case, and is unobtrusive - it lights up when it begins charging and shuts off after a few seconds, so it's not distracting on my nightstand.

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