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    I know all this stuff seems like a good idea but have we forgotten GHB? That was supposedly the fountain of youth a few years ago and now no one hardly even talks about it. Let me let you in on a little secret, GHB turned out to be a very addictive substance and in fact a handy little trick to get a girl naked without any problems like dinner movie or even her knowing you for that matter. Like HGH, everyone jumped on it before all the data was in. Please put your money away and be safe. A pretty face isn't worth the trouble this could potentially cause. And lets be realistic at 60 you really won't ever look 20 again and the weight you would have lost will be the money leaving your pocket book and not the fat from your thighs. Work out, do yoga, and eat a healthy vegetarian diet and you can't go wrong. Also, when i stopped eating sugar the cellulite also disappeared and so did those extra pounds.

  • Sei Kim - Better alternative than bug spray

    Well, no bugs is a good sign. Unless you leave in a condemned home, you won’t be seeing bugs and rodents leaving your home in a horde. The fact that your room is free of any pests is a great sign. This is such a better method than spraying a room with bug spray. The smell of the spray nearly makes me gag, so the fact that the repeller is non-smelling is great for me. I purchased this item at a promotional price in exchange for a honest review.

  • Tabitha - Will buy again

    I actually got two cleanses in one on this one. I'm very petit(under 110lbs) so by Day 4 I felt like there was pretty much left to cleanse. It was easy, but being so small I did have to make small adjustments such as only taking one pill of the Part 3 before bedtime. Two would have been too much for my little body. Plan on using the rest in 6 months to do it again. Had a renewed feeling of energy in the mornings and have been getting up early and working out everyday which helps to feel good all day.

  • J. Hatcher - Terrible customer service

    I have had nothing but problems with TrueImage 2010. I kept getting the disk errors that a lot of people get. I ran all kinds of chkdsk /r and other checkdisk programs and no errors could be found. Sent system file reports and Acronis reports to their support with no response. They say 48hrs and after over a week of waiting, still no response from them. They suck!


    Buyers beware, I bought this present for my mom on mothers day. The product was nicely package and seems like everything was in mint condition. After assembling the device, I tried it for myself to make sure it was not going to be too much stress on her back. It worked for two minutes before it decided not to turn on again. I tried everything and finally I called the manufacture, they told me they couldn't help me because I purchased this of a third party vendor?! As far as the effectiveness of this product, I can not say because it was broke after TWO MINUTES! If you have back pain don't bother with this product, cause you'll probably just end up injuring your self trying to get it to work. Hope this helps, good luck.

  • Alice Cheng - Too firm for 120Ib female.

    It's been two weeks, I like the mattress but its a little too firm for me, creates pressure points when I sleep side ways. I don't have all day minor back pain anymore like when I slept on my old mattress but I sleep shorter and wake up with back pain that goes away quickly. Casper no longer gives out toppers for free because that was a pilot program and they have modified the mattress to be softer. But still too firm for me. I am gonna give it another two weeks. If it doesn't improve, I will return.

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