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  • Selden Standard — et al. - Owned by chef Andy Hollyday and Evan Hansen, this Cass Corridor eatery has been named by the Detroit Free Press as the Restaurant of the Year 2015. The design of the space is intended to reflect the restaurant's modern take on a seasonal rustic-style cuisine. Selden StandardPhotography by PD Rearick and Marvin Shaouni
  • 1stAveMachine — et al. - Dumbo’s Front Street is host to the new 10,000 sq ft loft space set in what was once a Benjamin Moore Paint Factory. 1stAveMachine is an award-winning production company based in Brooklyn, that prides itself on the success of a collaborative work environment of director’s artists, and designers. Taking inspiration from blended live workspaces and an interest in collaborative environments, the design promotes movement and conversation away from the confines of a desk or cubicle. Zones that inspire the exchange are integrated throughout. There is a picnic table for lunch breaks in an open kitchen with long tables and bar area. In addition to the workstations and three large edit suites, a second kitchen and lounge area with pool table and plasma TV provides a space where artists can take a break. Bike racks line the hallway just past a coffee bar where people can congregate for casual meetings.1stAveMachine  
  • Red Bull House of Art — et al. - The Red Bull House of Art exhibition and residency is a 14,000 sq ft. complex housed in a former brewery located in Detroit’s Eastern Market. The incubator contains shared artist studios, a fabrication shop, a lounge space, administrative offices, and a public gallery / exhibition space. The project serves as a prototype for the Red Bull community arts project, which is modeled from their success with the Red Bull Music Academy. The House of Art is designed as a series of extended thresholds that transition first the artist and then the visitor through temporal experiences.Red Bull House of Art
  • Innocor Comfort — et al. - Innocor Comfort, the industries leader in sleep innovation technology, revitalizes its showroom with a smart minimal design that compliments their core product line of bed pillows and mattresses. Housed in the historic Flat Iron district overlooking Madison Square Park, Innocor Comfort’s design centers around versatility. As a key design element for this multi-functioning space, versatility creates an opportunity for the internal Interior Design team to adapt the showroom to changing product lines each season.  Modular and mobile furniture aid in the reconfiguration of the main showroom space, while the floor plan is arranged primarily using a permeable and functional floor-to-ceiling wall display system. The project began with a study of circulation, paying particular attention to the organization between private and public spaces.  Meeting spaces and the main showroom are visibly connected while physically partitioned. The display wall contains storage and hidden shelving, it is both divider and display for pillows of the moment and other showcased items. Two integrated modular wall panels pivot on caster wheels and can be positioned to extend into the main space or retract and become invisible depending on the needs of the day.Innocor Comfort
  • Kee's Chocolates — et al. - Kee’s chocolates is a world renowned chocolatier situated at 80 Thompson St. in Soho, Manhattan. This interior renovation was completed in collaboration with Susan Sloan of slo.vis studio. A floor to ceiling wood-slatted wall is integrated with Kee’s signature packaging boxes and links the front to the back of the interior space. As the wall turns the corner, missing slats provide views and ventilation into back of house space. A new maple wood vestisure wraps the refrigerated chocolate cases rendering a more continuous and uniform space. A laser cut map of Manhattan was designed to wrap the cases while paying homage to the surrounding neighborhood. Kee's Chocolates   
  • Alumni Flatbush — et al. - From the street, a floor-to-ceiling storefront windows showcases the latest limited edition sneakers framed in a 10’ cube light sculpture that invites in the surrounding community. The light structure is an abstract take on a jungle gym with connotations of style and play, simultaneously evoking the hopscotch chalk lines or playgrounds from area parks and the flash of fashion runway. Brass mannequins live inside the light display,dressed with limited-edition apparel and sneakers with the occasional one-of-a-kind piece; hand-painted or customized by local artists.The shop is lined with sections of steel shelving, displaying the latest styles of special issue sneakers and flat-brimmed hats. The east wall, still covered in partial layers of wallpaper and contains clues and dents from the location’s tumultuous days as a bookie gambling venue. The opposite wall contrasts with a hand-parged concrete veneer that serves as a background for colorful sneakers. Each display unit was designed and coordinated by et al. collaborative to elevate and curate the continuously changing collections.Alumni Flatbush
  • Leimanis & Ricard Concrete Kitchen — et al. - Challenged with designing a seamless transition between new kitchen and existing loft, layout constraints were seen as opportunities to introduce aesthetic and functional details in the concrete, used as a structural framework and finish material.Key moments and details throughout the kitchen compliment the over arching principle of old and new. Examples include an integrated wine storage that can be seen as you enter their home, concrete indentations that channel water back to sink, and a gas range set into the concrete counter-top which maintains cohesion between kitchen functions.The precision of manufactured geometric patterns found in tiles and cabinetry is contrasted with both natural patterns that result from curing concrete and the exposed knots and textures of wood elements.
  • Taub / Jeong Residence — et al. - This Park Slope home renovation was designed in collaboration with Susan Sloan of slo vis. The young family moving in envisioned a simple clean white palette.  
  • Disturbed Trash — et al. - An exploration in material fabrication techniques and a crash course in marketing and economic price points for a new upstart furniture company. The original philosophy for the design is based on a double skin concept; the interior layer holds the trash and the exterior layer acts as a light weight perforated support structure for the body of the can. Working directly with the proprietor and the prototyper, Et al.’s laser cut aluminum piece was constructed and exhibited at Detroit’s Re:View Contemporary Fine Art Gallery in 2009. Future iterations are in development composed from cast or formed plastic offering a more affordable price point.Re:View Contemporary Fine Art Gallery
  • Astro Coffee — et al. - Located in Detroit’s Historic Corktown neighborhood, the sophisticated yet humble renovation plays an integral part of the neighborhood’s cultural revival. The public presence of the historic facade provides the space with ample daylight and fresh air while rejuvenating the elegant details of the block. Reclaimed materials harvested from local buildings and milled by the owner were used in addition to period furniture pieces thus engaging the owners within the design process. Simple surface treatments create a calm atmosphere preserving center-stage for the customer.Astro Coffee
  • Inner State Gallery — et al. - Inner State Gallery's primary focus is on Urban Art. Working with leading and emerging artists from around the world, 1xRun is focused on bringing limited-edition time released artwork to collectors across the globe. Drawn to the Eastern Market area in Detroit due to its increasing developing artist community, the 1xRun offices found an opportunity to continue their unique art distribution network in a new space, where single run prints and one offs can be printed on site, auctioned and showed publicly. A new interior space layout arranged the existing function to house the 1st Floor Art Gallery, the 2nd floor 1xRun offices, and an art production basement with shipping & packaging.Inner State GalleryPhotography by Sal Rodriguez
  • Alumni Crown Heights — et al. - et al. collaborative was approached by Alumni co-owner, Gene Han, to redesign the new concept for the Crown Heights Brooklyn location for the recent rebranding of the store. Han and his family own a series of shoe stores across the Brooklyn area. Envisioning the Utica store as an anchor in the community, et al. was tasked with designing a flexible, safe, family-centered space that would serve as a positive influence on the surrounding neighborhood. As the neighborhood changes, Alumni hopes to continue to provide a space that impacts the quality and value of new development in the area.Alumni   
  • Flume Lamp — et al. - Influenced by themes of revival, nostalgia and nature, the trees have been returned to the focal point of light in the home as lamps. et al.'s found materials come not only from holiday trees, but also fallen from storms, and discarded from landscaping projects. Each of the trees is carefully stripped of its branches and pine needles, which are donated to a neighboring rooftop garden for mulch. The fLume lamps are minimalist and organic, staying true to form. The pieces are intended for display according to what suits their natural shape; table top, hanging and floor standing. Each piece is one of a kind and uses exposed filament bulbs of various shapes and sizes  
  • Sullivan Loft — et al. - With 350sf of existing space, the 12.5’ ceiling allowed the addition of a 125sf sleeping loft to maximize square footage. With this unique element we allowed the apartment to inhale/exhale, through compressing and decompressing the space by alternating the ceiling heights The sleeping loft is womb-like; it’s open, but the walls and ceiling cradle you to sleep.  In addition, integrated storage into the structure of the mezzanine and custom built furniture helps rationalizing the space.  
  • Slows To Go — et al. - Located along Detroit's Cass Corridor, Slows To-Go is the first extension of Detroit's successful Slows BBQ franchise. Housed in a renovated 1926 Secretary of State office building, a 4,000 sf commissary was combined with a 2,000 sf barbecue carry-out to increase the capacity and creativity of the original Corktown restaurant. The reclaimed wood utilized for the interior was harvested from a deconstructed and restored apartment building on a neighboring block. While the exterior of the project strictly adheres to national preservation standards, allowing it to receive federal historic tax-credits, the interior provides a strikingly contemporary and vibrant atmosphere that is more revealing of the attitudes of both client and clientele. In Collaboration with uRban Detail LLCSlows To GouRban Detail LLC
  • Lean — et al. - In collaboration with industrial designer William Lee; LEAN is a sculptural yet simple piece designed to bring purpose to a universally under-utilized space; the corner. The versatile piece stands alone as a sculptural element, but also has dual functionality as furniture. When upright in a corner, LEAN is a chair that gains structural support from its adjacent walls. Set on its side, it becomes a coffee table with negative spaces for books and magazines. Fabricated in plywood, LEAN comes in a two-tone color which reinforces its geometric shape. In metal, the thin sheets combine durability with elegance.William Lee

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