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  • Marcio - Kenzo Jungle

    I bought it for my mom.... SHE LOVED IT!!!! ... She already told me that next time she needs a perfume, she will ask me...he he he

  • John B Hall - Absolute crap. Wish I could return but already used double ...

    Absolute crap. Wish I could return but already used double sided tape to mount and threw away box. Poor fit. Sharp bottom edges all around. Adds almost no thickness to the height but does in crease width so it rubs my seats now when opening. Real useful. Feels cheap. Absolute pos ripoff.

  • Rick - It's alright.

    I bought this because I developed beard dandruff. It solved the problem and had no scent but after a while I noticed that it would kind of collect on my beard even though I rubbed it in well. Eventually I ordered a different product which I found worked better.

  • T Foley - Save money creating your own cards

    At the price of greeting cards, this is a must. The 2015 edition has many more designs than previous editions. Super easy to use. This will pay for itself in no time.

  • Bass Whisperer - From a 20 year user

    I have had periodontal problems most of my adult life which resulted in bleeding gums and frequent mouth sores. When I my old dentist retired about 20 years ago my new dentist was fearful that I would start loosing my teeth if we did not strengthen my gums. Our treatment plan included deep cleaning of my teeth under the gum line and he suggest that I start using a waterpik, electric tooth brush and to floss daily as part of my daily maintenance routine. Since that time we have achieved vast improvement in my oral health. He and his hygienist credit the daily use of the waterpik as a major factor. I like it so much that I use both before and after I brush.

  • A. Garrison - Awaiting the next chapter

    Bella is truly gifted with a great imagination and a talent for sharing it with others. As an adult who has read all of her previous books, this did not disappoint. It was a little slow to start but the underlying intrigue made the initial lack of pace easy to overlook. There is a little for everyone in this book, mystery, espionage, romance, tension, and perhaps a little paranormal though that remains to be seen.

  • Tina - It's Okay

    So far, so good. I used this mask and my boyfriend did too. It left our skin feeling cleaner and moisturized but we didn't see any drastic results after using this twice. We're hoping to see good things happen. The only reason I didn't give this 5 stars is because after rinsing it off, I used my toner and it picked up a lot of clay. I recommend using before going in the shower to make sure it gets rinsed off completely.

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