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  • Ranch Girl - Easy to follow and it works!

    This book provides some simple rules that are easy to follow. It is not a "diet" as much as a way of eating for a healthy lifestyle. You don't go hungry, and you do loose weight. This is not a low carb diet, but it is a reduced carb diet. The authors provide a good explanation as to what causes your body to store fat. The simple rules require that when you eat high carb foods you also eat protein in a 2:1 ratio while never exceeding 30g carbs at a given time. You are allowed a reasonable amount of fat as well. The foods you eat are very similar to the South Beach Diet, but I like this better because of the simple rules about the protein and carb combining, and I don't like to follow menus in a book.

  • Amazon Customer - I'd heard of people having great results with Skincerity so I researched it very thoroughly ...

    I am an extremely cynical person when it comes to skin care products, I'd heard of people having great results with Skincerity so I researched it very thoroughly and gave it a go. My keratosis pilaris was gone in 6 months and the scars left by it barely visible anymore. Wrinkles massively improved , warts also gone in a month. After using it myself I then tried it on my sons eczema, gone in under a week, the chicken pox scar in the middle of his nose, you can still see it if you look very closely but nothing like as noticeable . I don't like the acetone smell at all, do not put on broken skin as it stings like hell! However I now get that the acetone is safe and needed for the product to be antibacterial and for the mask to flash dry. The smell isn't great but at least it's not stuffed with loads of chemical fragrances. I now buy regularly but have to say that I've heard that the stuff you get on here and EBAY, isn't always genuine so coukd be unsafe and who wants to spend this much

  • painandjoy25 - Helps a little bit..

    I have depression and low energy levels so i figured i give this a try.. It has a similar effect to coffee and kind of makes you think faster and clearer- which is what i want.. However, the 200mg didn't seem to last that long for me. I'm kind of nervous about taking more than 200mg a day, but i read on the label you can.

  • polecat - Super-comfortable, pretty, and shapely

    Love, love this bra! I'm a tall woman with a 36(more like 35)A chest, who's had a terrible time finding any bras that fit, and this bra is the holy grail for me. I wear the 34B (using the last set of closure hooks) in this one. It has just enough contouring and lift and has long enough straps that don't slip. It hugs my bust and enhances my size subtly, with enough coverage so that it doesn't show through fitted T shirts and sweaters. And no scratching or chafing whatsoever! No tags, and the materials are all very soft to my sensitive skin including the lace which adds a nice femme detail. I also like the strap adjustment is in the back, not front, so there's not plastic hardware showing through tight shirts. Totally happy they came out with this one!

  • K. Kruger - Love it!!

    Bought this for my daughter as part of her birthday presents. She takes a ton of snapchats and figures the lights would be great when the lighting is low. There are other knockoffs out there but I was skeptical. My daughter loves it and the case has held up well. It shipped and arrived in time. No complaints.

  • Kcpeyton - Full Issue Same as Pring on Kindle Fire HDX

    I don't understand the complaints -- the magazine is exactly like the print, with all the photos, on the Kindle Fire HDX. Maybe you just get one image when you're reading it on the Kindle e-readers? I'm not sure, but for less than 2 bucks a month, this is an amazing deal, and I love it. I just subscribed to the regular National Geographic as well, since the Traveler was so good. I can't deal with the print subscription because the magazines pile up too fast, but digitally, well, awesome. Free 30 days -- go for it and see if it works for you and your Kindle or other tablet. Just cancel if you aren't getting what you would like! :)

  • Mark S - Cheesy construction but works as advertised

    The Pros: Does work as advertised, able to get a consistent angle on the chain, takes only a few seconds per tooth once set up, and does the raker height which is a nice additional feature for a chainsaw sharpener. The recommended grindstone lubricant is a good addition and seems to make the stones last longer. Once set up, I was able to sharpen a sawmill chain in about 10 minutes the first time around, expect that time to drop as I get experience.

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