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Grace Fertility Centre | Vancouver, Canada | Dr Anthony Cheung | Infertility & Fertility Treatments | In Vitro Fertilization & Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART) - Grace Fertility Centre in Vancouver, BC Canada offers comprehensive infertility and fertility treatments under the personal direction of Dr Anthony Cheung

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  • Suzi Moore McGregor - Smells great and helps keep the bugs off.

    It's organic and soothing. I sometimes mix it with a small amount of lavender or other essential oils and the scent is wonderful.

  • bodyworkbydesign - Works as well as my D.D.S.

    If I leave it in as long as they say, my teeth become sensitive. I leave in for 15 minutes and my teeth are white, but not overly sensitive.

  • Amazon Customer - My first Chromebook

    Wasn't sure what to expect when buying a Chromebook, but had it for a week or so now and here are my thoughts:

  • timothy - ... got try this some more but so far I like how it make me feel I got this product ...

    I got this product and I have try it for one day and see the images have more energy thin i had before so I got try this some more but so far I like how it make me feel I got this product for a discount and a review I have to come back in a few days to update my information

  • SarahMonroe - Messy but seems to be working.

    I drink too much coffee and too much red wine. And even though I use a whitening mouth wash and toothpaste...I still felt like my teeth had a yellow tinge to them. My sister said she uses a charcoal tooth paste so I figured why not. First: it is a bit messy. The instructions say to dip your tooth brush into the powder but I didn't want to do that cause I didn't want to contaminate the whole jar. I used a little spoon to scoop some powder into the lid then used that to brush my teeth. It looks gross. But it doesn't taste like anything. I didn't notice a difference right away. But for a week, I used this every morning and every night before I would use my regular toothpaste. After a week, I noticed that the yellow tinge between my front teeth and the yellowish color on my one side tooth were not yellow but starting to look whiter. Not bright white but looking better. I think with continued use this will work very well.

  • jeannes - I love these chairs and the price is great!

    These are the most amazing chairs you will ever sit in! They take all the pressure off your back and you feel amazing. So comfy and would highly recommend!

  • LindaZ - The most beautiful ornament ever!

    Absolutely stunning! I've never purchased a swarovski ball ornament before (although I am a swarovski collector.) I'm so glad I did. It was a last minute gift to myself and arrived just in time for Christmas.

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