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  • Donald Curry - JUST BUY IT...!!!

    This gives a fantastic shave, why spend all that money on those expense one's? I've been using them for years, and what a fool..! Remember Christmas is right around the corner! And this will make a wonderful gift, for anyone! Only complaint I have is they send you to many emails! But they only checking to see if you like there product! So I can handle that....can't you!

  • Venus Envy - Thank GOD for Cory Bernardi

    I give this book five stars. I read it all last night (well, I had to ask a man to read it for me, but because I struggled with the big words, he just read me the dust cover and explained the rest) and I must say, I am so relieved that Mr Bernardi has spoken out about these issues. I was beginning to think that there were no wealthy white males left to tell us how we should live our lives and to provide us with a moral standard. I would like to applaud the hundreds of Liberal voters who were responsible for electing this man to the senate. Without you, we wouldn't have the voice of Cory Bernardi, shining like a guiding beacon straight from the golden 1950s era, lighting Australia's path to the future. As we struggle to navigate an Australian society that is rife with immorality (gays, divorce, blended families), women asking for control over issues that we know nothing about (reproduction, family life, wage disparity) and the instability caused by immigrants and queue-jumpers (let's keep Australia white, people!) Cory Bernardi is a bold voice in the madness caused by bleeding hearts and a culture of compassion. Thank you Cory. In time, I trust Australians will truly recognise you for who you are.

  • The Honest Conn Man - Including the Best Book Introduction of Virtually Any Year

    I almost never review a book before I've read all of it. Here, I've read just the introduction by Elizabeth Strout and the first story. I can confidently rate and recommend it already.

  • Marc - Great read for the math lovers, something for everyone

    This is a great collection of math articles and papers from the year 2010. Sure most of it is out there on the internet, but the author does a great job of organizing and presenting math from the historical, philosophical, applied, and academic.

  • N. T. Beard - Not a good book to learn from

    This book's explanations were poor at best. It utilized undefined terms, and had a weak glossary/index.

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