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  • Jehalv - If it seems too good to be true...

    I have 2 dogs and lots of hard surface flooring through the house. Wanting to slim down the floor care routine to one-step, I thought this product (along with several of it's favorable reviews) seemed too good to be true. In practical application, this product takes the two tasks of vacuuming and mopping and does each poorly leaving me with a 3-step process. Yes, that's an extra step! First, the vacuum feature is terrible. It does not have a very powerful suction and does NOT get all or even most of the dog hair/dust/dander. Second, because the vacuum head is in front of the steam pad, when using the steam feature, there is a 2-3" "bumper" that prevents one from steaming all the way to the baseboards or under the cabinets, etc, etc. (The third step is then going back to these places with a sponge or another mop to clean.)

  • Ron (Nashville, TN) - Better quality than expected

    While this device is pricey, it is superior in quality to most "home" router/modems. I connected to Comcast in about 5 minutes, simply connecting the cable and then phoning in the MAC address. It works very well. Note: most devices that are more than a year or two old will not connect to the 5G side of the network. However, you will be ready to connect as you upgrade your computers, cell phones, etc., to newer technology.

  • Amazon Customer - Will never go back from Mechanical

    Was hesitant about switching from nice wireless Logitech to mechanical, but when I started typing on the keyboard, I was in love. Improves typing and the color effects are also. Product came in new condition and right on time!!

  • Rosanna Juncos - Pushy scam artists lie, swindle and steal

    I almost bought this item yesterday, after being conned into stopping at their cart at the mall. This young man asked me a question in order to get me to stop, then gave me a sampleI to keep me there. You would not believe the cons and lies he told me! SUPER pushy! Tried to sell me tis product for $80! Then told me if I bought another item for half price, he would give me the first one free. So I thought I'd go ahead and try it. Tried to pay, but he would not let me go, holding my card and trying to keep pushing more products on me. He was also purposely trying to confuse me, offering me this or that for free if I bought that, then offering me another for another discount. (and I am talking "discounting" from $80 to $50). Also, used the tired old line "Because I like you and you seem like such a nice woman.." Oh brother. THERE WERE NO MARKED PRICES anywhere, not even a "menu" you could look at or take home. Obviously, it was a way of making the con easier. I kept telling him my kids were waiting for me at a store, but he would NOT charge me and let me go! I finally bought one other product (I get panicky at the mall and he wasn't helping) just to get the hell out of there. Two minutes later I realized I had been totally conned into buying stuff I don't even need, so I went back and tried to return them. He said he couldn't! They were facial products and may have been contaminated or already used. This was TWO MINUTES after I bought them! NO SIGN to tell you there are no returns, either. I finally had to get really, really mad, and then he treated me like I was being unreasonable and professed not to understand why I was so angry. I tried to tell him, nice at first, that I simply could not afford his stuff, and I was I needed my money for rent, and that he was being pushy and had kept me there entirely too long. He kept offering excuses and taking his time and acting as if he was insulted and I was nuts. When I sent one of my girls to get the map cops, he al of a sudden decided he could indeed give me my money back. It took about 1/2 hour to make my return, first offering me a "receipt" that had only $0 on it! Not itemization, no amount I was being refunded (he said the computer wasn't working, so for my convenience he just gave me an empty receipt). When I scoffed, he acted as if I had offended him and his integrity. I ended up at this stall for over an hour, the whole lime pleading with him to please let me go! When he finally did, my girls heard him call me a crazy b--ch. Funny thing was, I was going to keep one of the products, but after his rudeness I ended up giving it all back. Glad I did, 'cause it sounds like they are also a con. STEER CLEAR when you see them at the mall!

  • Kevin R. Weaver - this is a waste of money

    As others have said, this is a waste of money. The book offers very little NEW information or help. Wiley has falsely advertised this book as addressing the 2016 material when, in fact, there is very little difference from the Peterson's book of 5 tests (this one only has 3) coupled with released tests from the ACT.

  • Amazon Customer - I love my total control

    The best better then coffee it gives you so much energy you will love total control I do. If you work long hours custodial, janitorial,nursing or warehouse work you need total control it will uplift you give you energy you can last the whole 12 hours at work

  • Amazon Customer - Its PERFECT to load up some waters and Gatorade

    This cooler bag is AHHHHH-MAZING!!! I got it for my 12 year old son when he started playing competitive basketball bc I didn't want it leaking on the gym floor. Its PERFECT to load up some waters and Gatorade, throw it on your back and go!! It's pretty thick so drinks stay nice and chilled. I've been super impressed with it and even ordered another one for our older boy as well!!!

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