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  • Tom Swift - I felt like I was cheating

    My strategy with First Aid - I figured out which books were used to make First Aid (I listed them below) and then I read those books to get the explanations that First Aid is lacking. I took notes in First Aid from these books. At the end of my studying, I had one comprehensive source with all my notes. I was able to review this once in the last few weeks before the exam.

  • Dana D. - Best tanner I've ever tried for so many reasons!

    Expensive, but worth it in my opinion. I have a toddler and don't have time for anything too fussy to apply, or too long to dry. This stuff does NOT smell bad like other tanners I've tried, it dries super-fast, and the colour is lovely, not orange. It's not dark right away, but since I'm pretty fair, I actually prefer that, so I don't look fake. I can gradually increase it until I find the shade I like, then just maintain. It also makes my skin feel ridiculously smooth and supple. One bottle lasted me a whole season. Buying again!

  • Kindle Customer - Another banger

    I wish I could rate this book more then 5 stars!! Majesty is definitely Bae! I love the relationship him and Royal have. I'm glad Royal didn't let her past relationship with Chinx keep her from giving Majesty a try! I also love Destiny crazy tail her and Drake are made for each other. I can't wait to part 2!!!

  • Carolyn Shearlock - A Good Starting Point

    Before I bought this book, I did a bunch of other research on the internet: I accidentally found the first study when I was trying to figure out if my husband's anaphylactic allergic reaction (that the allergy doctor couldn't find a trigger for) could be to one of the medications he was taking. Lo and behold, I find several scientific research papers linking food allergies to long-term use of acid suppressors. Hmmmm . . . maybe this explained why a 71-year-old guy with NO history of allergies or asthma suddenly has them.

  • James Wellman - I'm happy with it!

    I'm happy with the performance. It has its strong points. Picks up some colors better than my GoPro hero 3 black.

  • R.E. - Craig Johnson does his homework

    I seem to always review Craig Johnson's books by saying how much I appreciate his research. Just about everything can be found these days, so I get aggravated by writers who seem to not know what they are writing about when it is an obvious fact to everyone else. I don't claim to be a writer, but I really appreciate a good one. I first started to pay close attention to Johnson's research when I was reading "Steamboat". That had to be very difficult research. "An Obvious Fact" must have taken Johnson out of his comfort zone, so his research had to be carefully done. I have read all of Craig Johnson's books and each one makes me anxious to read the next one. Keep writing Mr. Johnson, it keeps an old man such as I entertained!

  • Perseus Roach - Finally a good piece of work!!!!

    I admit, at first I was a little skeptical about the LP basically because I was let down from his two previous albums. So after listening to this one from downloading it a week ahead of time at first I was like it's ok. Then as I progressed to the second listen I was more like whoa as far as the direction he took. It definitely grew on me over time. I got to give him his props for the LP taking it back to the hip hop roots along with exploring with the melody. Salute to the man. I hope as a North Carolina native he continues to elevate as an MC and most importantly as an artist period.

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