Review: | New Rochelle, NY psychiatrist Dr. Candida Fink, MD - Dr. Fink is a New Rochelle, NY board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist who specializes in bipolar disorder, depression, and other mood disorders; anxiety disorders; and dual diagnoses of developmental disabilities and mental illness. She treats children, teens, and young adults with a range of concerns including ADHD, OCD, autism, pediatric mood disorders, and mental health issues in school settings.

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  • M. OBrien - What's the point??

    TrackR had to be held against my ear to hear locating tones. If I have to hold the device (attached to my keys) against my ear to hear the locating tone,,I must have located it, visually!!! Duh??

  • Cameron Waugh - Look no further...These are the best blades on the market

    I purchased these razor blades, looking for some type of alternative to the over priced blades you find in the stores. After hours of looking and researching, I decided to give these Dorco Pace 6 blades a try, and I am so very happy I did. They arrived on time, and well packaged, which is always a plus. Of course they come with six blades, just as the name implies. It is actually hard to find a six blade razor in local stores. It has a lubricating strip at the top of the blade witch works to perfection for soothing the skin, and providing a clean shave. I am very sensitive, especially around my neck area, so this was actually a pretty big deal to me. After shaving, I had no cuts or bumps on my neck, which it something I have not been able to achieve with other brands. Also, the tilting head action increases precision around the chin and jaw bone area, and reduces the chance of getting nicked or cut. My wife has achieved the same result after using on her legs as well. She too was amazed at the performance of these blades, and how well they were designed and manufactured. If you are looking to try a different blade or razor, look no further.

  • i like her - love it

    this game has many cool features with different regions and diffrent animals I love this game please get it and tell your friends

  • Kathleen - Excellent read!

    Chip and JoJo's story related to the seasons of their lives was heartwarming! I could resonate with the ups and downs. I cried, I laughed, and was drawn-in to the story from the beginning to the end!

  • Kindle Customer - Great book definitely recommend

    I have chosen this rating because the book has lots of details and interesting parts if you like something sad happy and romantic I would definitely recommend it I loved it so much by the way it is more then just slumber party wars many more wars it involves friendship and lots of other things I hope u enjoy!

  • grindwontstop166 - Only gave it a star because it "somewhat" fit

    this box fits don't get mye wrong but there is so much wiggle room it's not a snug fit at all. Also I tried to drop a Sundown Audio SA-10 D4 into it and it didn't even go inside. The subwoofer just sat on the lip inside the box.

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