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  • Life-is-Just - Finally got rid of my 7-month-old zit!

    I don't have horrible acne, but I do get a few stubborn zits every month. Plus, the older I get, the weirder my zits become (lovely image, I know). For example, I've had a small, but persistent zit on my cheek for about 7 months now. The thing just won't go away no matter how much I poke it or cleanse it. This kit FINALLY got rid of it. I waited to try out one of the tools until I got out of the shower so my pores would be nice and open. It was cool how much effort it didn't take. The case is nice, I'd probably lose the tools without it. Definitely worth it.

  • Michael Brown - It works as advertised

    I was unsure if this would work on my pond leak. I had a 4" underground pvc pipe for my bottom drain start leaking a rather large amount. I followed the directions closely and bypassed my filters by circulating water using a sump pump. After leaving it in the pond for about 36 hours, 2 bottles worth, the leak stopped! I drained it all and let it cure for 4 days. I hope it lasts but it is no longer leaking and I didn't have to dig up all the concrete. Awesome!

  • Rufus Lincoln - DO NOT BUY THIS SCANNER

    I recently purchased a Neatdesk scanner and have had nothing but problems with it. Specifically, the scanner is only scanning the left 2/3 of my documents. There is absolutely no telephone customer service whatsoever and I have sent four emails to their supposed 'tech support', only to have them reply with automated suggestions that had nothing to do with my problem (or that even acknowledged that my emails were even read by an actual person). I have also asked them in my past 3 emails to honor their warranty and give me a properly working scanner - which they have ignored in their generic replies to me. As of now, I have had to dispute this charge with my credit card company and am awaiting a response. In the meantime, I wanted to give all of you advance warning not to do business with this company. They are terrible.

  • Dannss - Very pleased after just 4 days!

    I applied to my rear deck per the instructions. Since many reviews indicated that it took months to remove the mildew, I decided to take before and after pictures, but forgot to take the before pix. I took the 'before' pictures the next day. I thought it looked better, but I figured it was wishful thinking. Well it's been 4 days and the mildew is mostly gone. So it has exceeded my expectations. I do not know why mine is going quickly and others takes months. Now I'm hoping it will last for quite a while.

  • W. Miller - End Times Eyeopeners

    There is a lot of history in Thomas Horn's books, history that is totally different than what I have believed most all my life. I am a former Roman Catholic and it burdens me that so many people have l been so deceived in what many of the leaders of the Catholic Church teach and what they themselves believe. I first read EXO - VATICANA which I believe is like a prelude to ZENITH 2016. Mr. Horn's books have many, many notes that verify the facts of the book. As Jesus said in Matthew 24:37..."But as the days of Noah, so also will the coming of the Son of Man (Jesus) be." The other scripture that is very important to note is in Ecclesiastes 1:9-11, all three verses God gave of His wisdom to Solomon.

  • Kathy - Nicely made case and convenient!

    Got this case from Spigen to review. The case is made very well amd hold the phone well. I can fit 2 cards in the the pockets(3) and some cash and the case stays closed. But if i try to put 3 or more cards in, it becomes too bulky and doesn't stay closed well. I would use this case for more formal occasions where I'm not going to use my phone a lot and don't want to take my bulky wallet that's full of credit cards. Not a case i would use on a regular basis, but will use often on weekends.

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