Welcome to FMC Pocatello, Idaho. | Facts and information about the FMC property. - Facts and information about the FMC property in Pocatello, Idaho. FMC has worked closely with the EPA and the State of Idaho to develop the cleanup plan for

  • Plant History | FMC Pocatello, Idaho - Since 1949, the FMC plant in Pocatello was the world’s largest elemental phosphorus producing facility for almost all of its 53 year operating history.
  • Redevelopment | FMC Pocatello, Idaho - The plant’s location, nearby transportation, and power infrastructure, coupled with Idaho’s extremely low overall costs of doing business and low tax burden,
  • Ready-for-Reuse Land | FMC Pocatello, Idaho - The FMC Pocatello property can be immediately redeveloped for industrial and/or commercial use.
  • Plant Site Options | FMC Pocatello, Idaho - The FMC Pocatello properties represent potentially valuable industrial assets for redevelopment
  • FMC Site Redevelopment Examples | FMC Pocatello, Idaho - FMC experiences integrating cleanup and redevelpment. Leadership efforts at a variety of sites are achieving transformational results.
  • Site Cleanup | FMC Pocatello, Idaho - For over a half century, materials from elemental phosphorus production were managed at the plant site in accordance with manufacturing practices at the time.
  • Superfund/CERCLA Program | FMC Pocatello, Idaho - Superfund is the federal program designed to clean up contaminated sites. EPA listed the Eastern Michaud Superfund Site on the CERCLA National Priorities List.
  • The Ponds | FMC Pocatello, Idaho - The manufacture of elemental phosphorus required the use of ponds throughout the plant’s history to manage materials generated in the furnace building, as well
  • Future Actions | FMC Pocatello, Idaho - FMC hopes to begin actual cleanup of the plant site in early 2012, and anticipates completion within two to three years if EPA’s preferred alternative is
  • Slag | FMC Pocatello, Idaho - Slag is a byproduct of phosphorus production. The Community Slag Study is available through the Southeastern Idaho Public Health District.
  • The Gay Mine | FMC Pocatello, Idaho - The Gay Mine is located on the Fort Hall Reservation. It is one of 31 phosphate ore mines in the Southeast Idaho Phosphate Resource Area.
  • Reclamation at the Gay Mine | FMC Pocatello, Idaho - By 1996, FMC and Simplot notified BLM that all the Gay Mine reclamation required under the federally and Tribally-approved mining and reclamation plans was
  • Selenium at the Gay Mine | FMC Pocatello, Idaho - A naturally-occurring trace mineral called selenium was found to have leached into vegetation and waterways near mines in Caribou County, Idaho, at measurable
  • BIA Preliminary Assessment | FMC Pocatello, Idaho - BIA Preliminary Assessment In February 2003, the BIA issued a Preliminary Assessment (PA) for the Gay Mine. The PA recommended that a Site Investigation be
  • Superfund/CERCLA Path Forward | FMC Pocatello, Idaho - Superfund/CERCLA Path Forward EPA Administrative Settlement Agreement for Remedial Investigation and Feasibility Study On August 22, 2008, the U.S.
  • Tribal Jurisdiction | FMC Pocatello, Idaho - Tribal Jurisdiction Fundamentals Jurisdiction has multiple meanings. In its most basic form, jurisdiction refers to the governmental authority to control
  • History of Land Ownership | FMC Pocatello, Idaho - History of Land Ownership Questions regarding the appropriate role of government power over persons and property have existed for centuries. Such questions are
  • FMC & Tribal Regulatory Jurisdiction | FMC Pocatello, Idaho - FMC and Tribal Regulatory Jurisdiction FMC’s property within the Fort Hall Reservation is fee land and subject to state/county jurisdiction for some matters
  • Frequently Asked Questions | FMC Pocatello, Idaho - Frequently Asked Questions Why did the FMC plant close? Why has it taken so long to get the site cleaned up? What is the pollution at the site; is the
  • Comments and Questions | FMC Pocatello, Idaho - Comments & Questions Please fill out this form and click on "Send". NOTE: FMC Corporation takes its customer, community and business relationships very

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