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  • Christopher Oberle - Great read!

    I loved every bit of this book! It was truly inspiring and uplifting. I found parts to be very therapeutic because they were just what I needed to hear at this stage in my life with two little ones running around! I don't normally re-read books but in this case I definitely will.

  • Kevin B. Maes - Everything they say, Great for stairs with pet brush

    I just bought this vacuum from Bed Bath and Beyond with their 20% off coupon. It's wonderful for the price. This vacuum does everything they say it does on the commercial, if you've seen the infomercial. I love it. It is easy to use, gets a deep clean. I don't have a pet, and though it's advertised for pet-owners, I have a problem with fuzzies from socks, dryer, and other clothes. I can't stand fuzzies on my carpet. My last 2 vacuums haven't been able to pick them off the ground, even when I went over them multiple times. With this vacuum, they came up the first time, and quickly. Also, I just bought a house and it has carpeted stairs, my other vacuums made it difficult to get the stairs, either by weight, or usability. With this vacuum, i use the pet hair brush and it picks up everything just as easily as the vacuum does the rest of the house. I like this vacuum, the only problem I have is the lavender color, gotta be pretty comfortable with my masculinity to use it.

  • F. Jorgensen - Nice Program but beware...

    After many years of using the free Personal Ancestral File program and building over 2600 members in my tree, I finally gave in and purchased Family Tree Maker 2011 Deluxe because it included 3 months of I uploaded my tree and spent a month tweaking it and adding media files and some 200 newfound members. Once I learned the merge system, things were looking good. Then the problems began. While adding media items, the text fonts grew and became distorted, interfering with my work. I contacted Member Solutions and they were somewhat helpful but had trouble figuring out the problem, even after I sent them screen shots of the problem. Then a disaster occurred. When signing on two weeks ago, I got an error message stating that the program was not shut down correctly the last time and advised me that compact my files should solve the problem (something I normally did.) When the program started, a box popped up stating Windows was searching for a solution. My Tree opened but before I could start, another box appeared stating Windows was shutting the program down, which it did when I clicked OK. This occurred several times until I bypassed the OK box and clicked on the program desktop. I immediately went to compact the files and it went through its cycle and showed I saved 0.0% space by compacting. I felt this was because I compacted before shutting down previously. The program then shut down. When I reopened it there was no error message but my tree was gone...completely. The file and all backups disappeared off the computer. Another test file I had used for the previous problem was still there but not my main tree. 2800 family members gone. Thank goodness I still had my original 2600 PAF members.

  • Annie - Great study guide with a very detailed science section.

    **First of all, as a disclaimer, I want to state that I recently purchased TWO DIFFERENT HESI guides, and they were both fantastic books, but I can't remember which one had which material in it, and since I'm writing these reviews while at work, away from the books, I'm just having to guess. Both books covered basically the same stuff, so even if I am technically reviewing the OTHER book (which I hope very much that I am not!) this book was just as good as that one, so the review could really work for either. Ha. Sorry, I realized that is very disjointed and doesn't make a ton of sense. Either way, this guide is good. I know that for a fact because BOTH of the HESI guides that I purchased were good. So even if I am reviewing the wrong book, I can accurately say that they are both great guides. Now, on to the review.**

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