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  • france eilers - Toilet rings

    Paid too much. It's much less expensive at Home Depot. Buyers have to calculate the luxury of having items shipped directly to your door. Otherwise, it works great on cleaning toilet rings, etc.

  • Amazon Customer - Probably the worst Garmin device I have ever purchased

    Having owned nearly all the Garmin Bike and Triathlon range of computers, the Garmin Edge 820 is without doubt the worst product ever produced by Garmin. The screen quality is rubbish. Drops of sweat falling on to the screen will select and change settings. Even just hovering a finger over a setting will select it or the randomly the next option. Responsiveness to deliberate presses is slow. Unbelievably disappointed in this substandard, cheap and nasty build. Will be returning product and going back to using Garmin Edge 810.

  • Angelina D. - My 9 year old and I love playing this together

    My 9 year old and I love playing this together. I love that they have each JP movie that you can play through- not just the new one. It brought back great memories and you get to hear the all familiar theme music and voices from the characters...they actually talk and act the scene out which is better than some previous lego games we have played.

  • daleraby - Get out your deerstalker cap...

    From time to time I swap emails with the author and have included him with Arthur Conan Doyle in an introduction to one of my own books. After reading this, I wonder if he read what I wrote. My recommendation is to read some or all of the Sherlock Holmes collections first if you haven't already. You will enjoy Craig's latest a bit more if you "get" the Holmesian references throughout the book. As always with Longmire stories, this one fails to disappoint, and in fact lives up to expectations and makes me want another one. Unfortunately, unlike Mr. Doyle, Mr. Johnson is still alive and has not finished his life's work yet so we have to wait for him to write another one. I have read ALL your books, Mr. Johnson, you magnificent bastard... so I guess its time to write another one!

  • K. Johnston - Easy to adjust for best workout

    I researched ellipticals, checked ratings, and tried out several models. The Sole E35 was a little pricey, but so far well worth the $$. Took me the better part of an afternoon and evening to assemble. Not a bad experience since I know all the bolts and jointed areas that might later loosen and squeek (which WILL occur over years of usage regardless of the manufacturer/model). Good variety of programs and easy to personalize with buttons on the hand grips. I'm reserving a 5-start rating since I've owned it less than 6 months.

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