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  • Live_Once - case defect after 40 days

    The rubber around the case started to peeled off after a month. I called speck company. They ask me to send in the case for them to inspect it. If it's manufacture defect then they'll send me a new one. Tooo much of a hassle for a phone case. I have to paid for shipping. I think it's not worth it. just not by Speck again.

  • Keith - Great software, terrible service, terrible value

    I've used Peachtree since the mid 90s, and can easily endorse it as great software. But the recent changes at Sage have made it a terrible value! If you want to use payroll, get any updates, etc. the annual fee is now $879 per year. And they lock the payroll service if you don't pay that fee - you cannot cut a payroll check without paying them the $879 annual fee. In past versions you could manually update tax tables and use payroll without any issues. With the release of 2013 they changed that, and then this summer announced that tax table updates would now cost $879 annually. So pay it, or no payroll function.

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