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  • http://g-sal.co.za/we_offer.html Products - 5 Panel Drug Screening Test Kit (Urine dip card), Single Panel Drug Screening Test Kits (urine Cassette Test with dropper), 2 Minute Alcohol Test Kits
  • http://g-sal.co.za/marijuana.html Marijuana - Also Known As: Marijuana, Dagga, Weed, Spliff, Ganja, Hashish, Grass, Happy Twig, Giggly Twig...
  • http://g-sal.co.za/crystal_meth.html Crystal Meth - Crystal Meth is an Methamphetamine desoxyephedrine is a psychostimulant and sympathomimetic drug.
  • http://g-sal.co.za/hard_and_soft_drugs.html Hard And Soft Drugs - Hard and soft drugs are loose categories of non-proscription psychoactive drugs.
  • http://g-sal.co.za/psychoactive_drugs.html Psychoactive Drugs - A psychoactive drug or psychotropic substance is a chemical substance that acts primarily upon the central nervous system where it alters brain function

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    City: 24 , South Africa

  • S. J. Burns - did NOT pick up on snap.do smartbar malware

    I'm switching to a different provider. While browsing the web one day I noticed these in-page pop-ups started appearing and covering the lower half of every page I went to. Also my browser had been taken over and home page reset to snap.do and the search had been reset, etc. When I checked my running processes I found this snap.do by the Resoft company. A quick google later told me this was some scammy malware that invades and annoys. So I ran my McAfee thinking it would detect this and remove it for me. Wrong! McAfee found no issues and told me my PC was fine. Fortunately I found a blog page that explained all the hooks for the malware and I was able to get it off my computer (several uninstalls and setting modifications later). Then I tried to set up an online chat with McAfee to alert them to the issue and I waited 20 minutes before giving up. So no more McAfee for me.

  • Jacquelyn R - This is a great conditioner for my color treated hair

    This is a great conditioner for my color treated hair. I leave it in overnight, and it really helps the dryness.

  • Jonathan Yuen - Great installation kit

    I was impressed by the installation kit that came with the tempered glass screen protector for my Nvidia Shield Tablet. I was dreading having to position a large piece of glass. My fears disappeared when I found that the well thought out installation kit contained an alcohol wipe, a microfiber cloth, and a large piece of sticky film to remove any remaining dust. The suction cup to assist in positioning the screen protector was an added bonus that made positioning significantly easier.

  • Lisa - outsmart the residue!

    Yes it's not the easiest stuff to get off once you've used it, but I've found that if I use the product before a shower, the little balls remaining can be washed away. I also have used it IN the shower . Either way, no issues with any product left in my hairline ( which is where it tended to be hard to remove.

  • akmjohnson - A little goes a long way!

    I was hesitant to buy the economy size since I thought it was pricey for a child's soap, but with the pump a little goes a LONG way! We've been using the same bottle liberally for my son's body soap (we use different soap for his hair since it's not tear free) every day for almost two years now and I still have 1/3 of the bottle left!! I love the gentle scent and my son loves that the soap comes out as bubbles. I feel great that there isn't any harmful chemicals- everyone wins.

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