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  • Video & Audio about Upper Cervical Specific Chiropractic Care | Genesis Chiropractic - What is vitalism? How is upper cervical specific spinal care different from general chiropractic? Watch video and listen to audio of Dr. Blackketter --
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  • Why vitalism and chiropractic works | Genesis Chiropractic -  Subscribe to Dr. Jason Blackketter's Genesis Chiropractic Blog in a readerCheck out our Vitalism and Vitalistic Chiropractic blog for plenty of clinical
  • Chiropractic Dr. Jason Blackketter can help you Be Your Best | Genesis Chiropractic - Genesis upper cervical care - giving NW Arkansas the BEST science, NEW research, MORE info. about vitalistic specific chiropractic - helping you BE YOUR BEST.
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  • Contact Dr Blackketter - feedback - answers - Ask the doctor - Q & A | Genesis Chiropractic - Dr. Blackketter-vitalistic upper cervical specific chiropractor-does NOT diagnose, treat, or cure any symptom, problem, or disease…especially not over the
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  • About Genesis Chiropractic - Why we are Different | Genesis Chiropractic - Our promise to you: honesty, gentle precision, compassion, and excellence…always! Dr. Blackketter graduated with honors from PALMER in Davenport, IA. He offers
  • What to expect at Genesis Chiropractic - We can help you! | Genesis Chiropractic - What happens for new patients? Learn how to begin Vitalistic Upper Cervical Specific Spinal Care so you can function better. FREE consultation call 479.696.8000
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  • Can the body really heal and be well? | Genesis Chiropractic - Chiropractor Reviews actual results of Upper Cervical Specific care (personal testimonials in their own words) clinical chiropractic case studies from patients.
  • Why Genesis Chiropractic is Different - the scan don't lie | Genesis Chiropractic - We never manipulate the spine. We NEVER do any popping, twisting, cracking, or traction therapies. Come see what a Vitalistic Upper Cervical Specific Doctor is.
  • Can drinking Water really change your Life? | Genesis Chiropractic - Try it & see. We'll give you 1 week of Kangen water for FREE. Alkaline, ionized, micro-clustered, antioxidant, filtered water in Bentonville, AR Exit 93
  • Top 3 Tips of Proper Breathing for your Better Health – Oxygen IN and Carbon Dioxide OUT then Rest | Genesis Chiropractic - Top 3 Tips to healthier breathing. Don't rush! Don't worry! We're not in a hurry! Just relax. Take some time to learn how to breathe properly for your better
  • Hearing restored, chronic neck pain relieved, a life revitalized by upper cervical care | Genesis Chiropractic - This young woman had lost a majority of her mid-range hearing after an accident during her late teens. For almost 15 years she dealt with neck pain, hearing
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  • Pain completely gone after upper cervical care | Genesis Chiropractic - Anyone could benefit from upper cervical care, especially people who have been to conventional chiropractors and not seen any relief. Coming here makes all the
  • Bicycling from Kansas City to Pittsburg to Miami to Bentonville | Genesis Chiropractic - Thot I'd share a brief story about one of my long-time loves: riding the open road. I'm talking about biking for 2 days, with 3 friends, in 4 states. This is
  • Run a faster Half Marathon without numbness pain or migraine headaches | Genesis Chiropractic - Anyone who runs wants to run faster 1/2 marathons. What about 1 minute per mile faster? This clinical case may not be typical, but it demonstrates how the body
  • Better results with fewer adjustments | Genesis Chiropractic - We expect better results with fewer adjustments because of our advanced spinal protocol and system of posture training and overall wellness.
  • Can the body cure gluten hyper-sensitivity digestive problems ADHD / ADD and behavior problems? | Genesis Chiropractic - "Gluten-Free" diet, digestive problems, concerns about the bad side effects medications have on children, struggling with ADHD / ADD symptoms? There is hope...
  • Health and function improved in 3 months — patient testimony | Genesis Chiropractic - Just last week at a 3 month update exam a patient excitedly reported the following: "I've lost 18 lbs. in 3 months without changing my lifestyle habits (other

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  • American Infidel - Nice sticker/decal, dresses up truck well. Ignore the one star reviews.

    Follow the instructions and you will not be disappointed. Comes with two decals anyway in case you screw it up, or want to put one somewhere else or another truck. Unless they got a defective product, not understanding the 1 star reviews. Most complain of it not sticking, not conforming to texture, or coming off after a few days. I am going to assume instructions were NOT followed. You have to use a heat gun or hair dryer, says so in bold print in the instructions. This activates the adhesive and causes the decal to conform tightly to every undulation and bump. So do not be an idiot, follow the instructions, and you will be very happy with this. Mine went on tight, conformed perfectly, and is not coming off weeks later.

  • Troy - Great treadmill for a great price

    My wife & I have been looking into treadmills for about a year now and have not found one that we really wanted until we were introduced to the Sole F63. It took about two weeks to get it delivered (which is what we expected). It is a beast though! It weights at least 280 lbs! We had to open the box and take it into our house in pieces as it was just too heavy to carry.

  • Kristina L - Nailed it!

    I would give 10 starts if possible! I was very skeptical about this product, but decided to take a chance, and I couldn't be happier! I watched a few YouTube videos, and they are all correct, you must apply this product correctly to ensure you get the results you want! I cap the ends of my nails first, and then paint them to avoid a ridge at the end. Know that there will be shrinkage during the application process, and the shellac may move around while you go from nail to nail. Be sure they look good before you cure! I also do both thumbs first, start to finish, and then the four fingers on each hand at a time. This allows me to take breaks between since they are complete. The first application lasted 17 days, and I type all day at work, and hand wash the dishes. They still actually looked fine when I removed them, but they were lifting in the corners slightly. Very few chips!


    I have no idea how the bottle was cracked even thought it was wrapped in bubble wrap but it was.. I dont want to deal w/ returning it blah blah blah so im hoping it doesn't spill out when I use it. The shipping was quick and the actual product I like because i've used it before. Helps with the fly aways and makes my hair look shiny (using a dab amt at a time). If you use too much then your hair will look greasy. Not sure if I would buy from this vendor again though because of the bottle being cracked

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