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  • T. Campbell - ... the aisle you are on - you'll agree and love it or turn it off after 5 minutes

    Depends which side of the aisle you are on - you'll agree and love it or turn it off after 5 minutes. In my case I watched it to the end where in my opinion the predictions made in 2012 for 2016 have all come true.....

  • James - not very effective.

    It doesn't seem to work that well. The mice will avoid the packs directly, but it doesn't cover a large area. I see mouse droppings just about a foot away from the pack. It would probably work better in larger quantities. I live in a big city and I feel like the mice here learn how to adapt to their environment. They are smart and know how to avoid traps and danger. It is probably a good idea to use different products every few months. I will try using pure peppermint oil together with these packs.

  • Marie R. Fischer - Help when I needed

    I was updating the tunes for my iPod and checked out Phil Collins. I didn't have this song and remembered how much it meant to me. I believe it helped me out during a difficult time in my life. I would play it over and over at a maxium volume to drive out the demons inside. I survived and still love this song.

  • Amazonian - Great if you're just beginning your journey to long-term lifestyle changes

    Did this Detox. No real new information here, but he did a fairly decent job collecting what was already out there: it's a 10-day mostly paleo regimen, sensible daily exercise like walking, quality sleep, detox baths, and "food & feelings journaling." If you purchase his live program, he provides informational phone calls (I found little useful here) that allow participants to interact with his panel of "experts" over the 10-day period, and access to a private Facebook group -- so tons of support, which can be crucial for beginners and those who feel isolated in their journey. I did the detox, lost some weight, but not as successfully as when I've committed to green juicing and been really strict about following true Paleo protocol (which I require due to my own health restrictions).

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