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  • D Allen - Buy this for your FlipBelt!

    I am incredibly pleased with this FlipBelt bottle. I have avoided carrying water bottles during my runs at all costs. I don't like carrying them in my hands and I hated the idea of having a bottle or two bouncing around on my waist. However, I signed up for an especially long run that had 3-5 miles between water stops and knew I would need water more often than that. I have a FlipBelt that I love so I was thrilled when I found this bottle to fit in it. I filled it to 8 ounces the night before my run and left it in my freezer. The middle did bulge out like I had read in other reviews but it went right back to normal once the ice melted. With 8 ounces of water I couldn't even tell I was wearing the thing. The only time I could feel that it was in my belt was after I filled it completely up but I wore it on my back and it didn't seem to bounce very much. I refilled it at every stop and was glad I decided to buy it. It was easy to take out of and put back into the belt. I can't recommend this bottle and belt enough, especially to those who are like me and cringe when they see people fighting their hydration belts and backpacks.

  • Lloyd Vandenberg - Good product, most bugs gone

    After the initial frustration of having to purchase a 64 bit act! to comply with the Windows 7 64 bit operating system I am enjoying the increased speed this software has over earlier versions. I am having difficulty with my outlook address book as the Act! software dislodged my contacts from Outlook 2003 and I haven't been able to retrieve them into the software as of yet. Overall seems to be a good product! I'm sure a solution to the address book is around the corner.

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