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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • Yara Avalos - Best diaper rash cream there is.

    I've been using this diaper rash cream everyday since my daughter was born and she has NEVER had a rash. I ran out one time and used something else and that same week she had some redness. I will use this until she is no longer in diapers. It really does reduce redness in 1 day like it says.

  • Amazon Customer - Well, it definitely works...

    Perhaps a little too well. I got this because I play tennis and sweat pours from my arms into my hands. It definitely works as advertised, but it made the friction between my hands and racquet a little painful and I couldn't change from my service grip to my forehand grip. It is possible that I used too much and it's possible that the product doesn't agree with the material of my grip, but I'm not willing to change the latter.

  • Cristal - This book was great at helping me learn strategies to answer questions i ...

    This book was great at helping me learn strategies to answer questions i did not know the answer to. It helped me pass the nclex!!

  • piratesmvp04 - Decent movie, just don't expect a Greek mythology film

    The action in this movie was pretty decent, and Dwayne Johnson played the role of Hercules quite well. In fact, I'd say if it weren't for him, the movie would probably have been a flop. That's because there wasn't anything really special about it; it feels like just another action ancient war film. There is an interesting plot twist at the end, but other than that, I didn't find anything overly special about the story. Another thing to keep in mind while watching this is that the writers seem to take a more practical reasoning to explain happenings in the film, and the spirituality in the film is reduced. This film is certainly no Clash of the Titans. Over all, I'd definitely recommend. There is not too much overtly sexual content, but a handful of innuendos are stated throughout the film. Violence is about what you'd expect for a PG-13 film. Thus, teenagers and mature children should be able to watch this.

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