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  • Tristan J Loiselle - At the end of the day they are a bit large but I am pretty low-key bro so I've looked past that and can ...

    I have been wearing Nike shoes for the past ~10 years and these shoes may be a half/full-size large. This may be because my last two pairs were a version of the Nike Frees. I am assuming this is the issue (I don't keep up to date on this stuff). At the end of the day they are a bit large but I am pretty low-key bro so I've looked past that and can tell that these are solid shoes. Well done, Nike!

  • Andrew Haas - really does need seats off the water a little. ...

    really does need seats off the water a little. When you sit in it with a lot of people you are under water a little to much.

  • BsMom - Good music, wish it stood alone without a sensor!

    Great songs and fun to dance with but I wish we would have realized that it worked best with a kinect sensor, which we do not own. It is distracting to hold your phone and try to dance.

  • annalise russell - ***##DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!!##****

    DO NOT! I SERIOUSLY MEAN DO NOY BUY THIS PRODUCT! My pups are in the process of trying to grow their fur back in the area of the collar because of this product. It caused SEVERE rashes under their necks and loss of hair there too. I'm just hoping the crashing doesn't get serious because its a vet trip I don't want to have to do.

  • Momma's Bacon - Extremely Effective and Gentle for Kids

    If you have a child that has stomach and digestive issues, I am sure you know how difficult it is to be told to put your child on a Miralax regimen. It is not a pleasant cycle! Luckily, there is another way to bring relief to your child. Mommy’s Bliss Baby Constipation Ease is all natural and gentle and my daughter does not mind taking the medication. No more hiding powder in her drinks. This product works great in conjunction with Mommy's Bliss Upset Stomach and Nausea relief.

  • Granolachick - Try it. Worth it.

    This was the only thing I took and I saw an increase in my milk. Within 2 days. This is the second time I've had such success with it. Great fan of this product!! It did make me a little gassy, but, I'll deal for a few days for this kind of boost in my milk.

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