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  • theodore m fox - Ready to roll

    It is great to read about old characters that we all loved and miss. Hopefully the next novel will have more of are favorites. Eden. Needs a baby. Have loved all Your seal books are you ever going to do a book on Natasha and king ?have read some more then once. What happened to Decker and Tracy? Jewels and Robin max and Gina? Some of your saying can stay with a person long time. There is no such thing as an underwater elf, game on. Can"t wait to read more!!!!!!

  • E. Lusignan - I really wanted to like this game

    Well I have tried it for over 2 months and I have to say the execution on this game is one of the worst of any game I have ever played and I have been playing since video games first came out.. None of the people who started to play with me still play it and I am on the verge of quitting. The frustration with this game is off the charts.

  • Lisa Powell - Smell good and works well

    I’m 27 years old now and use the serum as the anti-aging treatment to prevent appearance of crow’s feet. As soon as I started using this serum I noticed that the skin around my eyes looked far less less less tired. Another thing I like about this serum is its fragrance. It’s light and attractive. I’m going to use the serum and hope to see other beneficial effects of the product.

  • Cheryl Taylor - I thoroughly enjoyed this book

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book. If you are a fan of the Hunger Games or Divergent series you will enjoy this also. But don't think it is a copy because there are lots of twists and turns that will leave you in suspense. A great concept of societies one ruled by men and one by women. Can't wait for the next book in the series. Believe me you will not be disappointed.

  • John in Austin - payroll costs keep rising, new features far and few between

    Very little new features the past 4-5 releases. The only reason I purchased is because they have disabled all bank-data downloads in my sunset-ed version. The payroll cost kept going up sharply each year too. With very little warning my credit card is quickly charged for ever higher rates. Eventually I found that a simple Excel spreadsheet calculated all my withholding for 3 employees free of charge. And you know, that Circular E from IRS is really pretty easy to use. Many states offer free witholding calculators based on the IRS tables. I would love to use QB's built in payroll, but its cost has really gone up. The basic payroll does very little - what takes you seconds looking at the IRS withholding chart. Intuit wants around $250/yr for this simple calculation within the program (even though they offer a free calculator on their own website!!) If you want to print forms you have to cough up much more - and it goes up every year. Fortunately now the IRS has many keyboard-fillable forms readily available which make doing it yourself more appealing.

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