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Country:, North America, US

City: -77.4512 Virginia, United States

  • Tymon S. Eades - Picture not correct

    First of all, they are Ray-Ban so they are good glasses, but the seller used the same picture as they used for the "Ray-Ban RB3025 W3274 Aviator Gold w/ Gold Mirror lenses - Smaller 55mm eye". I indeed wanted the 55mm but with the pictures the same, I choose the wrong one. I had to get these to my house to see that they were the wrong ones. Guess I should have trusted the other 1* review listed.

  • Emily Dickinson - Undecided

    After a week or two, it seemed to kick in. I felt marvelous. I thought it was a miracle pill. I felt as good as I've ever felt in my life. I was extremely grateful. But now, after several months, effects seem to have entirely worn off. I've had digestive problems since childhood; I'm now a "senior citizen." I am not at all suggestible; in fact, I'm too much of a skeptic. I was not influenced by my hope; I took it and more or less forgot the second after. Align was recommended by my doctor. I wonder if anyone else has had this result--helped a lot at first, then "wore off."

  • Amazon Customer - Restore lifts off deck

    We purchased 5 gallons of Rustoleum Deck Restore in Sept. 2013. Applied as per instructions. We had previously stained our deck a year and a half prior with another product but were unhappy with the color. We power washed and allowed to dry before applying. Did not have any rain for the next couple of weeks. This spring, the paint is lifting in large chunks, a foot or two in length. Even where it has not come off, we can see air under many of the surfaces. Don't know whether to power wash and apply a thined out coating or try to sand the whole deck (actually three decks).

  • Garry G. Fujita - Does not play well with my computer

    I have a Dell 8500, Windows 8, i7 processor and 16 gb of ram. (This is pretty current as far as technology is concerned.) Roxio NXT will work and then not work. Videowave will shut down at random times. Finally, I was able to finish one production (part of which included extracting audio from a video on my camera and adding it to the final product). Then I went to burn the DVD but MyDvd would not encode the production. I could find no help at the Roxio website but found a blog on the internet speaking to the problem and it said that if you reboot the computer, and then open MyDvd, Roxio will burn the DVD. Voila, it worked by rebooting. Tonight when I went to do a new production, I tried extracting audio from another one of my videos from my camera. Every time I tried to extract audio ... something that worked 5 days ago ... Vidoewave closed. Rebooting did not solve this problem, so back to the internet to see if anyone else has had this problem and found a work around. I will now look for a more reliable program to replace this buggy product.

  • Magani - Been wanting these forever

    Oh yes! Love them! They run quite big, I ordered half size up (9) and it is more like a full size bigger. A bit tricky because the tip/toe part is indeed a little tight, as some other reviews have mentioned, so although they run a bit big, sizing up is still recommended to prevent any discomfort on your toes. I personally like to insert cushions or insoles into my sneakers.

  • Jeffrey Boehmer - Wonderful!

    We are 6 days through and feel amazing. The first couple days kicking alcohol, sugar, and caffeine were terrible, but completely worth it. The program is great training for eating healthy again.

  • David Chugg - Don't Install Before You Upgrade

    If you upgrade your Mac, each upgrade will count as another computer instance by Microsoft's standards, in spite of the fact that you may never use it on more than one computer. In my case, I bought it for a new MacBook Pro. It works fine, but I quickly upgraded the hard drive to a 256 GB SSD, and shortly thereafter I discovered my graphics use had increased significantly so I upgraded the drive again to a 500 GB SSD.

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