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Happy F&B | Branding agency - Happy F&B is a branding agency. Our mission is to nurture and release the most powerful force we know – a great idea. By marrying a far-sighted strategy with smart design, we help our clients develop brands that make a world of real difference.

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  • Boricua Mom - I love when I spend my hard-earned money on stuff and ...

    This stuff works!!! Our cats had the flea season from hell last year!! Nothing was working. I used this around my house. Poof! Fleas were gone!!! I love when I spend my hard-earned money on stuff and it actually works. Right on Fleabusters! I will be buying more this year!

  • Pirate - Good Product

    Been using for a while now and it works as advertised. Along with exercize, it keeps me tomes and slimmed down.

  • JulieF - Exactly What Every Cyclist Needs

    I am an avid cyclist with crabby, sensitive skin. FungaSoap takes care of the heavy duty sunscreen and road grime without ripping my hide off. It has a very strong tea tree smell, but I do not mind it at all. In a pinch, I also used it to shave my legs and it worked like a charm. Great multi-use product!

  • Steven Smith - I'm a U. S. customer that received a ...

    I'm a U.S. customer that received a Product Key for Latin America. Found this problem while activating the package. No mention of this aggravating fact during the purchase. Microsoft could not help at all. I was instructed to return the Product Key to Amazon and purchase yet another. I can't wait to see what region I get next. Maybe this is why you can purchase a Product Key for $249 versus a digital download for $399.

  • Kathy - Nicely made case and convenient!

    Got this case from Spigen to review. The case is made very well amd hold the phone well. I can fit 2 cards in the the pockets(3) and some cash and the case stays closed. But if i try to put 3 or more cards in, it becomes too bulky and doesn't stay closed well. I would use this case for more formal occasions where I'm not going to use my phone a lot and don't want to take my bulky wallet that's full of credit cards. Not a case i would use on a regular basis, but will use often on weekends.

  • Chen Sun - Installation confusing

    The most confusing installation I've ever seen. First, I believe any company should make installation support easy--this firm makes it extremely difficult. Here's what's involved in my Installation:

  • J. Beck - doesn't even work.

    Can't install the hook app required to view videos on the kindle HD. Horrible app. Should be pulled from store if it can't be used on kindle HD.

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