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H'Doubler Chiropractic - Chiropractor in Springfield MO - Springfield’s Full Body Chiropractor. Dr H’Doubler has been serving patients in Springfield MO for the last 17 years with gentle chiropractic treatment.

  • http://hdoublerchiropractorspringfieldmo.com/spinal-chiropractic-treatment-in-springfield-mo Spinal Chiropractic Treatment in Springfield Missouri - Most people may think that chiropractic treatment is strictly focused on improving the alignment of vertebrae in the spine that are misaligned or fixated.
  • http://hdoublerchiropractorspringfieldmo.com/hand-and-foot-healing-services-chiropractors-springfield-mo Hand & Foot Healing Services - Chiropractors Springfield MO - Dr H’Doubler is one the most experienced chiropractors with extensive training in the treatment of many hand and foot conditions that people suffer from.
  • http://hdoublerchiropractorspringfieldmo.com/licensed-acupuncture-treatments-in-springfield-mo Licensed Acupuncture Treatments in Springfield MO - Acupuncture eliminates disturbances or blockages in the energy of a person. This energy must be balanced so that it can flow normally and allow healing.

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    City: -87.6517 Illinois, United States

  • Ron Morgan - Very pleased - performs better than I expected

    I purchased this UPS to replace two individual units that provide backup power and conditioning to our entertainment center. I have been using this for a while now, and have experienced numerous power fluctuations and outages, and it works like a charm. It can provide power to my 42" television, audio system,and cable box for about 30 minutes. This gives me plenty of time to start the generator. Actually, for the price Amazon charges for this you would probably spend close to that just replacing a couple of batteries in an old UPS.

  • Michele B. Perez - CLR Clear - works great on lime scale/soap scum.

    I got this online bc it was prime and the price is better than at the grocery store - it works like it's supposed to. I put it in a sprayer that had lime away for easy use - just remember to put on a mask and open windows for large jobs as this stuff has fumes.

  • A. Gift For You - Sturdy and does what it is supposed to do.

    This is a "professional grade" piece of equipment. It is sturdy and I use it against a wall to tone my arm and chest muscles also.

  • Radio_Dad - Works like a Charm - great lubricant!

    I like Slick 50 products, and this lubricant works as advertised. Reduced squeaks in my car, keeps the hood and door parts moving well, and seems to last longer than competing products. Yeah!!

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