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  • L. Cox - Another excellent Longmire book

    It is everything I've come to expect in the series, folksy Western humor , twisting plot full of interesting characters , and a lot of action and further development of the main characters. Very cool read!

  • Stephen - Light, cool, and fits great

    Upgraded to this helmet because I wanted something cooler, lighter, and better fitting. My Bontrager helmet just didn't seem to stay in place like I wanted, listing off to one side during a ride most of the time regardless of how tight I made it. This helmet in size large stays in place on my 7 5/8 sized head very nicely. It's close to but not quite at it's tightest setting for the fit I like. Plenty of room for a balaclava under it for Winter rides too. I haven't been able to assess the cooling capability because it's still Winter here still but I can tell from the open space in the vents it should cool my melon better than the retired helmet. The micro adjustment is very smooth and the strap system is comfortable, no flapping at any speed yet (45mph top speed so far). As always, purchased from Amazon with Prime it was at my door in a couple days and shipped for free! No picks, all positive impressions, I would definitely recommend this helmet.

  • Jack Gadzala - Excellent for Personal Taxes; OK for Business Taxes

    H&R Block's software is excellent for doing personal income taxes. However, the business software is only ok. Because of the very low price (for the combined software packages, it is a very good value - but you have to accept the occasional glitch in the business software).

  • Carol - Disappointed...Beginner band impossible to use!

    I was very excited about it because it made a lot of sense to me that this could really isolate the legs and glutes. I ordered 2 in medium and large for my me and my husband. Unfortunately, when I tried it out the beginner band was so tight that i couldn't even get my leg down to extend it; forget being able to increase with the other bands. My husband is a very strong, fit person and although he could use the beginner band, the others were almost impossible for him to use as well. We returned both! If the company would come up with more realistic bands, I would love to try their product again.

  • Amazon Customer - Brings down inflammation and is gentle on my face

    One of my favorite toners! It sprays evenly and helps keep away the breakouts. We've even used it on cuts and scrapes because the white willow in it helps with pain and inflammation. Highly recommend this for people with combination skin or oily skin. I'll sometimes use it on a cotton round rather than just spritzing it, to wipe away anything I may have missed with my cleanser - particularly if I'm wearing a foundation, or want to touch something up. Highly recommend!

  • AF_Geezer - Dissapointed

    Maps are not useable in Kindle for PC. Could find no zoom feature to make them a size that could be workable.

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