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  • Healthpoint Laser KelownaAddictions Therapy | Healthpoint Laser Clinic Kelowna - We offer a 3-tiered approach to addictions therapy: painless laser therapy to treat cravings, detoxification, and neurotherapy to change brain pathways.
  • Healthpoint Laser KelownaStop Smoking Laser Therapy | Healthpoint Laser Kelowna - Safe, painless treatment to stop smoking. Healthy alternative to other therapies. Eliminate cravings, kick the nicotine addiction today. 95% success rate.
  • Healthpoint Laser KelownaPain Therapy | Healthpoint Laser Clinic - Laser pain therapy. Clinically proven to dramatically reduce or eliminate pain and promote tissue repair.
  • Healthpoint Laser KelownaFibromyalgia & Chronic Fatigue | Healthpoint Laser Kelowna - We use a two-tiered approach to the treatment of fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue syndrome: painless laser therapy and long-lasting neurotherapy.
  • Healthpoint Laser KelownaDepression & Mood Disorders | Healthpoint Laser Kelowna - We offer painless and effective treatment of depression and mood disorders using a combination of low level laser and neurotherapy.
  • Healthpoint Laser KelownaNeurotherapy | Healthpoint Laser Kelowna - Neurotherapy normalizes and optimizes many brain functions and treats a variety of conditions: ADD, addictions, autism, depression, fibromyalgia, more.

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  • Russ Cherry - Too Early to Tell

    Comb is expensive but easy to use with good directions. Shipper was timely. Results will take 4-6 months to see if it actually does the job.

  • Steve B. - The worst edition yet! Wish I could give zero stars.

    I use QuickBooks to manage my company's books, and I expected Intuit to build a tight interface between QB and TurboTax. I was wrong. It doesn't even import data correctly from QB. I have spent hours this year just combing through my returns to find and fix the mistakes made by TurboTax. One example is the calculation for Cost of Goods Sold. After importing the data from QuickBooks I noticed that the COGS reported in Turbo tax was different than for QuickBooks. After some sleuthing, I discovered that TurboTax was importing the COGS result from Quickbooks, and then using that number as the "Cost of purchased Items' value in a new COGS calculation. This generates an error equal to the difference between your starting and ending inventory. That's a pretty basic calculation - Getting it wrong is unforgivable. I've had issues with Turbotax Business in the past. Every year I hope it gets better, but it always seems to get worse. I'm done with TT. Next year I'm going to find a different brand of software.

  • Brent P. - Best cheap MP3 player out there with included storage.

    Here's the deal. Know what you are buying and you should like it, assuming you get a working unit. I purchased 30 of these for a trade school in Haiti (3 were defective, more on that in a bit). We are running English lessons on them. I chose this unit because it was something the students couldn't tamper with (delete tracks, record their own memos, listen to the radio) like they could on many other mp3 players. On top of that, it's durable (aluminum frame) if dropped, has basic controls, and usually just works. It has a rechargable battery so you don't chew through AAA batteries and it has a decent volume range. The clip is strong as well.

  • Frank R. Heinsohn - Fantastic!

    Vendor delivered a head of schedule. Book is an easy read chock full of information for an aspiring sole practitioner (and of course required reading for my summer class). It will help me set up my practice in Colorado as I seek to help fellow Iraq/Afghan veterans and families as well as incarcerated veterans wrongfully accused/convicted. Thank you... . Frank

  • Mark Behm - AMAZING STUFF!!!

    I have flexor tendonitis (trigger finger) in one of my thumbs and 3 fingers making it virtually impossible to write, remove lids from jars, or do anything with my hands as my fingers would lock painfully. I have had steroid injections which were only partially helpful especially since my hands are arthritic as well. Two other fingers were becoming painful and starting to lock, too and I was feeling pretty desperate as I had tried many other products that did not help! I had heard that vitamin B6 is extremely helpful for conditions of the hand but taking it orally gave me miserable headaches. After searching the internet, I discovered Penetrex and decided I had nothing to lose in trying it. Boy, am I glad I did! I began by applying it 3 to 4 times a day, working it in well on my entire hand but especially the painful tendon "bumps" and within about 2-1/2 weeks, the fingers that were starting the downward spiral towards becoming locked were pain-free and no longer "sticking". The fingers and the thumb that were only partially helped by steroid injections become much more fluid in motion and were no longer painful as well. This stuff is pretty impressive!! I am on my third jar and currently use Penetrex once daily right before bedtime and this is enough to keep my hands pain-free and in working order. However, I ran out once, one day before my new order arrived so I went one night without applying Penetrex. The next morning, I sure noticed the difference as my hands were stiff and very unhappy! So, do not run out!! This stuff is also very pleasant to apply as it is not greasy and has no odor whatsoever. I will be a lifelong customer as nothing else has helped my hands as much as Penetrex!


    I hate putting eye shadow because it would crease and look oily by late morning. I tried Sephora brand primer and it was horrible - I still had smudgey eye shadow and creases. My friend told me to try Too Faced Shadow Insurance and I am amazed how wonderful the product it. It is so worth the money. I have not had to re-apply my shadow in the middle of the day. It last alll day and night. It is simply amazing. Can't wait to try the other shadow primers by Too Faced. I will be a long time user!

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