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  • Gigi - Exfoliate this! or not lol

    First time user! It's ok/cool. I think it's a little harsh for my "sensitive" skin but I use it probably about 4 days per week. I use it with my cool "Clarasonic" which I love btw.... I'll use this cleanser until it's done and try to find another one that has more of a silky smooth feel to it. If you have suggestions, please let me know ! :) thanks!!

  • I'm Just Sayin' - UPDATE! I had to come back to give this another star;5 STARS!

    UPDATE! I had to come back to give this another star because I friggin LOVE this thing! I really like this thing! I didnt know what to expect and when it arrived I was surprised at its sleek design. After charging it for 24 hours as it suggested, I tried it out. WOW! It REALLY cleans your teeth and up under your gums in a whole new way that I have never experienced! My gums are a little sensitive so the highest speed was a bit hard but at the same time it felt GREAT. It is kind of messy so you MUST stand directly over the sink. I was surprised to see the small food particles that this unit was able to flush out from under my gums. The ONLY reason I gave it 4 stars and not 5 is because the water compartment is just too small. I had to stop and refill it 4 times which was the ONLY thing I did not like. Of course, a bigger water tank would ruin its sleek design so it a trade off. I just wish I could reroute it to a bucket of water so I could just use it for a hour straight! Its THAT nice...kind of like a massage but for your mouth. I will use it daily for sure!

  • Devois007 - Mini is THE stroller for 'on the go'

    We bought the Mountain Buggy Mini to use as a travel stroller when we went to San Diego on family vacation (Zoo / Sea world), we found it is the PERFECT solution for quick trips out and travel (which admittedly is most of our trips to store and park). As owners of other Mountain Buggy products, we were drawn to this new compact and lightweight version. Turns out it's even easier to fold now with one hand. It also has new maintenance free tires that don't need filling, perfect for being away from home and our bike pump yet, and they work like a run flat car tire with plenty of bounce and give that other models solid wheels don't have. It weighs less than my 2 year old too, I can pop it in the trunk super easy. Like our other Mountain Buggy, it's durable enough to throw down a flight of stairs and hold up. Only regret is that it didn't include the bottle holder other strollers from Mountain Buggy do, but that's an easy accessory to pick up.

  • George Lewis Wise III - useless

    It came without the password for the CD and no code for the online portion. It was as useless as a brick.

  • S.D. - A natural alternative that works...

    For our cat,this worked wonders. She isn't the type that would allow prescription medication to be put on her everyday without someone going to the doctor for cat bites and scratches. I did have to give her more than stated on bottle,but it did help.It took about a month for her to gain weight and have a soft non-greasy looking coat, the midnight howling to calm down & thirst to curb. She has maintained and that's all that really matters being 15 years old.

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