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  • mmrich - Good stuff.

    If you buy this then you also need to get the Candigone bottle. They work together. If you want to get rid of yeast from your body, this will do it. Let me tell you, what you'll get. The Candigone is a two-part system. One bottle of pills and another bottle of a liquid with a dropper. The directions will tell you everything you'll need to know. There is a diet that is suggested you follow. I do think following the diet is important because you'll want to reduce your intake of yeast so the pills will work better to eliminate yeast from your body. It only makes sense that if you're going to go through the expense and time to rid your body of yeast then you don't want to keep adding more. So gluten, bread, pasta make yeast and sugar feeds the yeast, so guess what, part of the diet is to stop taking in all that stuff. Well, I'll be honest, the diet was torture for me. But here's the great news. After I was done doing this cleanse of yeast so much changed that I was amazed. Anything sweet that I have always loved ended up tasting too sweet, I couldn't enjoy it. It was actually making me feel sick. Then I was craving meats, such as steak, sausage, pork like crazy. You are allowed to eat protein during the diet. But I was craving it like crazy after the diet. I've since found out that when your body doesn't get sugar, it craves protein. Which is great because I would rather have steak and veggies or sausage and peppers or steak fajitas. I used to be a junk food addict. I ate too many sweets. The diet is difficult to follow but you can get through it. Have boiled eggs or eggs and sausage in the morning. Gluten-free soups are good for lunch. Some of these gluten free products do have some sugar but usually very little. Just remember that they suggest the diet, it's just a suggestion, so if you can't follow it perfectly then don't be too hard on yourself. Just do the best you can. Another tip for the diet: A five-layer Mexican dip is great to have even though the sour cream is dairy, it's only a little. And corn chips for the dip aren't considered gluten. Applesauce is a good substitute for apples in the diet. Good luck!

  • Sankara P. - Hooray for the poonami! Baby was backed up for a week and then pooped 3x in 24 hours! :-)

    Hallelujah! Our little guy was pretty regular (pooped 1x/day every day some time between 10 am and noon) and then we started supplementing with formula. Poor little guy was backed up for literally a week. He was 5.5 months at the time so we gave him two half doses and he pooped 3 times in 24 hours. Yay for the poonami! :-) We haven't had to use it again since, but if he gets backed up again, I know where to turn. Thanks, Mommy's Bliss!!!!

  • DaniBug - Love This Book!

    I absolutely love this book. I listened to Dr. Wallach on his CD before I bought the book. I have never been much of a vitamin taker until I listened to the logic of Dr. Wallach. His suggestions are amazing, and I have already found many of his suggestions to be true. My hair dresser attests that I have less white hair growing after I began supplimenting with copper, my stiff muscles from exercise and constipation are considerably relieved by magnesium, and the joint problems in my knees have been reversed by taking cartiledge. This book is as much a go to for me as a dictionary in my English classroom. I read and reread it, just to have running knowledge for issues that may arise in my husband, my kids, and myself.

  • Joanne Devoe - NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! DON'T BUY!!!!!!

    I have been using Living Cookbook since it came out and have always loved it. Lately my computer crashed and I had to reinstall my version of LC 2013, and then figured I would upgrade to 2015.

  • George Espinoza - neutral review

    Hard tablet to long of a digestive period, slow start up, must build up in your system for it to work

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