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  • Kent - Once to true the tire and the second time was for another fine tuning. The frame it's self is tight and ...

    Had to add to the purchase a seat, tires, and tubes. Once built I took it to a local bike shop foregone tuning. ( a must). I have 500 miles on the bike within the last three months. I had to take the bike back to shop twice since I had it. Once to true the tire and the second time was for another fine tuning. The frame it's self is tight and as light as can be expected. If you are just starting into cycling this might not be a bad bike to start with. Of you are a experienced rider and looking to save a buck don't buy this bike. Pony up the extra cash and buy that road bike for $1000. I am happy with purchase but getting what I paid for.

  • Judith E. Wright - Smells like sushi. Doesn't work.

    I have been obsessed with finding a good firming neck cream, and don't mind spending some money IF IT WORKS. The two main things you need to know about this product. 1) You will smell like takeout sushi. A fish and ginger smell.... 2) It does nothing. If it did, I would gladly walk around all day smelling like takeout sushi. I'm going back to Strivectin.

  • Dani Robinson - It's a small one which is easy to just slip in your pocket and I liked ...

    I got this for one of my girls for Christmas. She absolutely loves music so I know that she'll be thrilled with having her own little MP3 player. She had one before but it got lost so hopefully she won't lose this one. It's a small one which is easy to just slip in your pocket and I liked it. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. And it works just like you would expect an MP3 player would. I loaded some music to her before hand so when she gets it for Christmas it won't be empty. I think she's really going to like this because I think it's cute and easy for her to use. I received this product at a promotional price for my honest opinion.

  • Emily - Lost 19 lbs and close to two pant sizes in three and a half weeks!

    I really loved Yoli the first week since I lost 13 lbs, however I bounced around the the remaining 6lbs over the next 2.5 weeks. The products are really great, but pretty expensive but taste/work great - I have tried all flavors. In my opinion, I think you could substitute the Yoli protein shakes for a VERY similar product (grass fed, no gmo, no antibiotics, natural sweetener and flavor whey) that is half the price as well as a different fiber/probiotic with a much lower price. Alkalete and Passion are great and I have tried stacking (1 Alkalete for 25 lbs) and also taking the two as recommended, but have far better results with the stacking. I used to drink 3-4 cups of cofffee or tea a day, but I have not had any cravings with the two Passion per day. My first two days I was a little sluggish and cranky, so I upped to three. The food schedule works fine for me, but I have an office job. I am never hungry - sometimes I actually feel like I am forcing myself to eat the afternoon snack - and you have a wide variety of food choices. I also don't feel the cravings for junk food like I had in the past, but there are a lot os sweets that work with the low-carb diet (WW, Atkins, Skinny Cow, So Delicious, Digestives, and high percent dark chocolate).

  • DeeDee - It works, but you got to be patient and consistent.

    I think our society is just impatient...So many people want a "quick fix" when it comes to losing weight. But we got to remember that excesws weight did not come to you overnight and you can't lose it over night. This supplement will help you shed body fat, especially around the stomach area, but it takes a good month or two before you notice real results. I think many of the reviews that stated the product did not work were from people who either did not give the product enough time to work, or they failed to take it consistently. If you skip days or weeks, or take this sporadically, don't expect positive results. Take the correct dosage everyday and give it time to work...Patience and consistency is the key to the success of any weight loss supplement.

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