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    City: 14.4112 , Czechia

  • Ervin Geiger - It now works fine.

    My previous review was that the optical input feature did not work. I was wrong. The TV output format was set do Dolby instead of PCM. It now works fine.

  • Amazon Customer - Sgt.Croley

    Everything met my Expectations. This headset works circles around the 100.00 headset I got at Tmobile. It uses the same Micro Charger as all Android Phones.

  • Kathy - Nicely made case and convenient!

    Got this case from Spigen to review. The case is made very well amd hold the phone well. I can fit 2 cards in the the pockets(3) and some cash and the case stays closed. But if i try to put 3 or more cards in, it becomes too bulky and doesn't stay closed well. I would use this case for more formal occasions where I'm not going to use my phone a lot and don't want to take my bulky wallet that's full of credit cards. Not a case i would use on a regular basis, but will use often on weekends.

  • Vernon G. - Very informative

    I learned a lot more about computers and other related items while reading throughout this book. It gives a lot of information that I didn't know before.

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