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Home Care Pharmacy Simi Valley | Compounding Pharmacy - Home Care Pharmacy - a compounding pharmacy in Simi Valley provides a variety of medications with prescription refill services and a complete line of medical and hospital supplies.

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  • Jay Chang - Love this pen

    Love this pen, not overly pretentious with the matte black gets a lot of compliments and most importantly writes very smooth as you would expect from any waterman. Heavy, very satisfying click when closing the cap and undeniably can feel the quality. Can't beat the price and I would take this over an over priced mont blanc plastic pen any day

  • Jen1170 - AWESOME Program!!!!

    I'm completely obsessed with this piece of software! I bought it to try to visualize our future house by inputting the floor plans and it's really great! I have no experience using the super sophisticated CAD programs that architects use, but I got the hang of this pretty quickly. I had the quick start guide open just in case I couldn't figure something out, and for the most part it made it pretty easy. I had a hard time with some of the more in depth features like Terrain and Elevation, but other than that it's fairly easy to just pick up and play with for simple designs!

  • Christine M Laubhan - I'm giving my 16 year old son 2 tablets every ...

    I'm giving my 16 year old son 2 tablets every morning with breakfast. After spending hundreds of dollars on prescription acne creams that he wouldn't ever use I've finally found something that cleared up his acne. Big improvement! I just set them on the table the night before. When he eats breakfast they are there to take. Very impressed!

  • Tony - Leak sealed on Cherokee XJ

    I had a leak in my O-ring between my power steering reservoir and the actual pump on my 01 Cherokee Sport. It was leaking pretty badly, and I was having to fill up the fluid almost once a week if not more often. I figured that this stop leak was worth a shot instead of buying a new reservoir or pulling everything out and fixing the leak. I was very surprised to see that after a day of average driving there were no more leaks. So far so good, I have driven about two weeks and 300 some miles and there is no leakage from my Jeep. I am only giving this 4 stars for the time being because I haven't stopped the leak for more than a few weeks, if the reservoir continues to stay dry I will update with another star. A word of warning though, this will not fix leaks in pressure or return hoses, I tried a little of this to try to fix a leak on my high pressure power steering line and it didn't do a thing. For fixing small leaks or drips in the power steering pump/mechanism or rack though this stuff is great.

  • Kindle Customer - Love

    Love this stuff. It doesn't weigh my hair down. Makes it feel a little thicker than normal. Don't know if my hair is growing thicker but it is in really good condition

  • Marta E. Noe - It does what I wanted it to do, but...

    The Living Cookbook has all the features that it advertised, but I can't read the measurements in the recipes on the screen on my laptop in the kitchen. 1/3 looks like 1/2, 1/8 looks like nothing intelligible, etc. I can't find anywhere in the program to zoom in on the quantities, so that they are readable.

  • Robert Guild - I am seeing immediate results

    I have been searching for years and after paying about $20,000 for tests and treatments by 2 gastroenterologists and a Dr of Neuropathy, I have finally found Dr Campbell-McBride to be a credible source. I went on the stage 1 diet and immediately my insomnia went away. I have had debilitating auto immune symptoms for about 5 years and this treatment is showing encouraging results.

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