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Hormone Restoration - Website of Dr. Henry Lindner dealing with hormonal disorders and their treatment with bioidentical hormone restoration. Thyroid hormone and cortisol insufficiency are discussed in detail.

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  • Ashley Dee - This product is a great, high quality prenatal vitamin that I highly recommend

    We are looking to expand our family and I wanted to start taking prenatals a few months before we start trying just to ensure my body is as healthy as can be. This product is a great, high quality prenatal vitamin that I highly recommend.

  • Lllwillie - Bought For Grandaughter

    I bought this cell phone for my grandaughter and she loves it! I love the price. She loves the fact that it was easy to set up, it has two cameras (front and back), loves the color, the clear screen, and most of all---SHE LOVES EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!

  • Pieces Girl - Just do it (and this isn't the way)

    Please read the review by CB. Hands down the best advice anyone could give to anyone regarding losing weight. I have gained and lost up to 60 pounds off and on at least 3-5 times throughout my life (post-partum and otherwise) and he's so correct. It is a lifestyle change. It's about burning more calories than you eat and eating a balanced diet along with an active lifestyle. People who are looking for a quick fix like this are only going to be disappointed a year from now when they realize they have gained back every pound and then some. You can't live on powdered drinks for the rest of your life. The second you go back to eating "normal" you will gain every pound back. All of these weight loss companies are scams. You don't need to spend any money to lose weight other than on healthy food and maybe a gym membership.

  • Jared Zembek - Nice bike for the price

    Bought this bike for winter riding and to use on the trainer so as not to put a lot of miles, and salt, on my main bike. Turns out I really like this bike and would recommend it to anyone. It rides nice, smooth, and somewhat stiff for a bike of this price. Putting it together was really simple and takes no time at all. That being said it does have lower end components and the seat isn't the greatest but these things you know going into the purchase of the bike. It's doesn't ride like a $3000 bike but its a really nice entry level for those getting into cycling and/or looking for one you won't be upset getting filthy in crap weather.

  • sarah weyer - works pretty well

    I had purchased an at home whitening kit years ago and never saw much in the way of results but due to my daughters pestering, I agreed to purchase this for her to try. She had no problems getting the tray molds formed after reading the included instructions and then set about filling them and following the rest of the instruction manual. After using the kit the first time she felt that her teeth had whitened at least two shades already. She has used the kit a few more times and has been really happy with the results. I was able to purchase this whitening kit at a reduced price for testing and review purposes. I always make sure to use and thoroughly try out the products I buy while forming an honest opinion about them before I even think about taking the time to sit down and write out my thoughts to share with other potential buyers. I know some people like to complain about reviews written buy folks that were lucky enough to get a deal when they purchased the item but even though I may have gotten a discount on a product it doesn't sway my feelings one way or the other if I like it I rate it well, if I don't like it I have no problem sharing that too and explaining why I felt that way

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