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  • Sheriss A Nilson - Loving my curls again!

    I cannot brag enough about Deva Curl! My frizz has decreased in the Texas humidity. My hair is softer, smoother, and more curly. I got rid of all my other hair care products and only use their no-poo, condition, and gel now.

  • Linda N. Phillips - Arthritis Relief in a Great Tasting Shake

    Great flavor! I blend it with 3/4 C of frozen cherries and a few ice cubes in my measuring cup before I fill it to 8oz with water. Tastes like a malt. It fills me up so much, that is what I eat for my evening meal. It may be the cherries, but my arthritis is probably 75% better since I started having this and am losing weight.

  • Paul - This is a great product! It will clean rust metal and is ...

    This is a great product! It will clean rust metal and is excellent for polishing wheels and other metal surfaces.

  • 73 Nova - Permatex 81668

    Don't have any comment on this product, because as things turned out I did not have to use it, but I'm sure the product would work as described.

  • Jarrett - It is very pretty, well made

    I purchased this Mojave medium bag for a young female college bound student. It is very pretty, well made, included the bike strap and looks very stylish. I researched the purchase thoroughly and am happy with my choice. Hopefully she will like it as well and get many years of use from this book bag. Only time will tell.

  • Elizabeth Davies - Love Word, hate the way it works on MacBook

    I decided to give an Apple product a try, since they're less prone to viruses than PCs. Bought a MacBook. Trouble is, I have roughly 50,000 Word documents, at least half of which I had been hoping to be able to use with my new MacBook while travelling--I'd had the Word for Mac program installed on my new machine.

  • Amazon Customer - I'm now on my third one as the first had terrible call quality

    This one was purchased for my daughter, but I have the same phone that I bought at Radio Shack in December 2013. I'm now on my third one as the first had terrible call quality. The second one lasted until October. It has always had an issue of randomly rebooting itself, freeze up, and sometimes was difficult to get it to turn on. Finally had a day where it just wouldn't turn on no matter what I did, even after swapping out the battery with my daughter's. Glad I bought the protection plan. The latest one seems to be the best of the three at this point. My daughter's phone has not seemed to have the issues mine have had, thankfully.

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