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Women’s Center Birmingham AL | Birmingham Women’s Center - Henderson & Walton Women’s Center is located in Birmingham AL at St. Vincents as your women’s health specialists that offer gynecology, obstetrics, mammography and more.

  • http://hwwc.net/contact/ Contact - Contact Henderson & Walton Women’s Center to schedule an appointment! We conveniently serve you in 8 AL locations such as Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and more.
  • http://hwwc.net/what-our-patients-say-about-us/ Henderson & Walton Women’s Center Testimonials - See why Henderson & Walton Women’s Center is the trusted OB/GYN in Alabama and has been awarded Parents' Choice Award numerous times.

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  • PCE Technology - Great Item

    Great item and the price was even better. Would recommend to anyone to buy. Works Great and use everyday. APLUS

  • N. Mungar - Beginners Beware...

    I was searching Amazon for a fitness game for Wii and came across Jillian Michael's Fitness Ultimatum. I had not yet read the reviews on previous versions and didn't know how bad they were. I watched the teaser video and my first impression was that this was the game I needed. Jillian appeared to be very motivational. I ordered the game and when it arrived I immediately tried it out.

  • Josph Famiglietti - Incremental improvements on an already-good package.

    I try to get this review up on release day, but this year, I've slipped just a bit. I'm Joey, I'm a beta tester for Nero, and my sole compensation is a free copy of the software; they don't pay me otherwise.

  • Shop 24/7 - Such a great essential oil for so many different reasons the positive ...

    I absolutely adore lavender oil. Such a great essential oil for so many different reasons the positive energy that brings. The fact that I could use it on my dogs and it keeps the fleas away makes me like oil even more. I blend it with coconut oil and use it as a body oil and a fragrance.

  • Audrina1120 - MIRACLE WORKER!!!!!

    I am entering my freshman year of college in the fall and have struggled with acne for 7 years now. I have tried every possible face wash and medicine induced cream and nothing ever worked. Things like Proactive irritated my skin and I was some how allergic to the Clinique products. I saw Acne Free on an ad while I was looking at some other face wash products and decided to read more about it. After reading some pretty good reviews I bought the severe treatment because I have struggled with breakouts for a very long time. The first time I used the product was at night and I saw results first thing in the morning! All of my spots were smaller and not a single one was bright red. I have used this product 2 times daily for a total of 2 weeks now and all of my acne is gone! The best thing about this product is that "a little goes a long way". You don't have to use half the bottle at once to get rid of your spots, it honestly takes a dime sized amount to cover your whole face and sometimes that's too much. I absolutely love Acne Free and would recommend it to anyone who is suffering with acne or break outs.

  • Elijah Buchanan - BOOM

    Don't take two at once. I took one in the morning, and one later in the afternoon and that was a trippy experience. I don't have much to compare them to, but I was largely not entirely too impressed. I can get the same kick in the pants with a strong cup of black coffee.

  • Amazon Customer - Don't upgrade to Windows 10. My wife has on ...

    Don't upgrade to Windows 10. My wife has on this machine and all I hear is about how slow Windows is. I don't use it though, because it is her "work" computer.

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