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  • rangelar - GREAT GAME

    this game is GREAT because its a fast set up, gets involved quick and dosnt take too long to complete - which is great for a busy person. you can also play it a few times in a row. i like this version with the fire and ice tokens - it makes it highly competitive. i bought this for my 8 and 10 year old boys and we have been playing it for a month with full enthusiasm ahead. once you learn all the rules, its very easy to play correctly. comparing this against monopoly and life, i like it much more because its quick. monopoly is more educational. life, well, i just think its boring..... both take a long time and take a long time to set up.

  • Singleton - Very vivid, but bleeds for longer than other brands

    I've been dying my hair for a little while now and have tried several of the more well known brands. Splat is pretty good, but not the best I've used. It's still bleeding every time it gets even remotely wet 3 weeks later. If I sweat at night I'll have blue all over my neck and back when I wake up. This is the first brand that's ever done that to me. Manic Panic and N~Rage did not.

  • vintagetech - Great machine for home use

    First of all I have worked at a starbucks cafe in which I got to use the more industrial machine as well as had training in how to make the various drinks that people are so familiar with.

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