Il Cittadino di Messina - il quotidiano on-line di Messina dal 2002 - Il Cittadino di Messina è uno dei principali operatori d´informazione nella Regione Siciliana ed opera mediante il quotidiano on-line , il settimanale digitale generalista il Cittadino, il settimanale digitale sportivo il Cittadino Sport, il bimestrale cartaceo il Cittadino Salute ed il semestrale cartaceo Consigli per acquisti.

Country:, Europe, IT

City: 11.8833 Province of Arezzo, Italy

  • Brian - At first I was like wat? Then I was like WOT?! Then I was like... Dude...

    So I have horrible feet (I really should have taken pictures). Cracked and all decrepid looking. My heels are a disaster. I found this product while looking for something to help moisturize my feet or do something with them. I was skeptical at first, "Fruit acids", yeah right, but I went with it.

  • jaye - TOP OF THE LINE!

    Was recommended by salesperson in a bookstore. My daughter-in-law is going to Italy in May with friends so gave it to her for Christmas (along with several other guide books to Italy). This is the one she was most excited about!!!

  • Barbara Miller - Great magazine!

    I really like Cooking Light magazine, partly because I have never made a bad meal from the recipes and partly because they include how many carbs, etc. are in each recipe. When I uploaded this subscription I was shown an explanation of the toolbars attached to the magazine and how to use them: good thinking! But when I actually opened the magazine those toolbars were not in evidence. I will get my 12 year old grandson to see if he can find them for me ....

  • Amazon Customer - The book was very easy to read

    I loved it, and it was very interesting and informative. I am new to the craft, plan to study the craft, and use it all the time

  • Customer - Good ingredients, but way too big.

    These are a very good thought for a fast growing teen boy. But these are BIG pills. Big, nasty, and green. I have to break them into 4ths for my 13 yr old son to get them down. But then the vitamin taste and smell are more potent. So basically they are just sitting in the cabinet. I guess I will end up taking them.

  • Senna - Seeing definite improvements in hair and nails

    I've been taking these pills since August 1, 2013, so about a month and a half at the time of this review. Everyone says it takes a month to start seeing results from supplements so I decided to wait on the review until now. I have noticed vast improvements in the condition of my hair and nails, and will definitely buy this product again when my current bottle starts to run out. The directions say to take 2 pills a day but I've only been taking 1 and still see results.

  • Bryan Miller - We WERE skeptical but no longer

    OK, I'll be honest with're going to sweat, you're going to curse, and you're going to wonder if you're making a mistake during the whole process. If you follow the instructions and don't skimp on the effort and steps called out for in the instructions, your headlights will look brand new. No joke.

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